Newton Stewart ready for Tamborelli worlds

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The town of Newton Stewart is proud to host the Tambourelli World Tournament this weekend.

The prestigious event will take place on Saturday 22nd and 23rd August at the Merrick Games Hall and Douglas Ewert A Hall, with group games leading to quarter and semi-finals until one player claims the title.

With only sixty entrants expected, perhaps a talented newcomer may be this year’s champion. The competition is open to all people aged 13 or older; all are invited to play against both beginners and reputed favourites. Prizes for over 60s, 15s and under, male and female singles and mixed doubles world champion titles are up for grabs.

Tambourelli was devised in the Newton Stewart area in the 1970s and is often likened to badminton. The bats used, which look like tambourines, are inspired by Libyan design and made in Italy. Traditionally tambourelli was played to keep warm at Castle Stewart to reduce the need to burn firewood.

Chloe Bruce who organises the club locally and the tournament says: “Tambourelli appeals to a broad range of people because it’s easy to pick up and do well to a certain level relatively quickly. It’s a social game. During our practice the fun of the play is as important as the end result. We’re excited that the event is happening on home turf and encourage new members and supporters to come along and try it.”

Bazil Hughes has won three of the last four championships (in 2011, 2013 and 2014) and is considered the favourite in 2015. He said: “I’m going to stay focused and do my best to retain the title. As ever, it’s all to play for this year.” Despite the popularity of the game with current members, the world championships attracts a relatively low number of applicants. Among the sixty entrants expected will be players from Sweden, Germany and Japan who will be visiting the region for the event.

More details are available on Tambourelli World Championships 2015 facebook page. Entry online with the Entry Form; at clubs or available at the Merrick Leisure Centre by 19th August. We thank Foundation Scotland for supporting this event.

If you’d like to get some practice in before the big day, the club meets every Sunday 2-4pm at The Merrick Leisure Centre Sports Hall, Newton Stewart. For further information contact organiser Chloe Bruce on 01671 830390.

Tambourelli is a fun and inclusive game played on small courts (10m by 4m) that needs a badminton shuttle a net and 2 bats to play. The aim of the game is simply to get 21 points before your opponent does, and can be played and enjoyed straight away with 2 or 4 people of any ability.

Points are scored by trying to get the shuttle to land on the ground in the opposite court. Tambourelli has been played in the Galloway for many years. Recently children, especially in the Machars, have had chances to play through After school and Active school sessions as a way to keep fit and have fun.