New Steward at Newton Stewart Golf Club

Carol Kerr
Carol Kerr
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Members and friends at Newton Stewart Golf Club will have mixed feelings this weekend as they give a well-deserved thank you to Jimmy Cloy, who will be leaving on Friday.

In addition to his expected tasks of feeding and watering clients in the clubhouse, he has given support and stability to the club in all its endevours since he returned from Southerness in 2008.

He would be first to include his wife, Alison, and his loyal helpers, Issy Pickthall, Bredge Moore and Mary Campbell among others, who have all contributed to making the clubhouse such a friendly place during this period.

On Saturday, the club welcomes Carol Kerr as its new steward, who comes with an established record of service to local bowlers, and who is looking forward to the challenges of her new post.