New football season fixtures revealed

The match secretary for the South of Scotland League, Richard Osborne, has produced the fixtures for the first few weeks of the new season.

The executive committee has decided that cup competition matches involving Newton Stewart and St Cuthbert Wanderers, the two clubs having 3G pitches being installed, should be played when scheduled.

If by the date that any relevant cup fixture comes around and either team is drawn to play at home but their own pitch is not available, then the respective club will either have the option of playing the fixture at another Southern Counties-registered ground or will need to concede home advantage and play at the home ground of the team they are drawn against.

This initially affects Newton Stewart, who have been drawn at home to play at home against Abbey Vale in the Potts Cup first round on August 28 but will probably have to make alternative arrangements ahead of the tie.

League fixtures (unless otherwise stated)

Saturday, July 27. Kick-offs 3pm

Abbey Vale v Lochar Thistle

Crichton v Newton Stewart

Fleet Star v St Cuthbert Wanderers

Nithsdale v Heston Rovers

Wigtown and Bladnoch v Mid Annandale

Creetown: no fixture

Wednesday, July 31. Kick-offs 7pm unless otherwise stated

Heston Rovers v St Cuthbert Wanderers

Lochar Thistle v Crichton

Mid Annandale v Creetown (7.30pm)

Nithsdale Wanderers v Abbey Vale

Wigtown and Bladnoch v Fleet Star

Newton Stewart: no fixture

Saturday, August 3, 3pm

Abbey Vale v Fleet Star

Crichton v Heston Rovers

Lochar Thistle v Newton Stewart

Nithsdale Wanderers v Creetown

Wigtown and Bladnoch v St Cuthbert Wanderers

Mid Annandale: no fixture

Wednesday, August 7. 6.45pm unless otherwise stated

Creetown v Newton Stewart

Crichton v Nithsdale Wanderers

Fleet Star v Wigtown and Bladnoch (Cree Lodge Cup first round)


Heston Rovers v Abbey Vale

Mid Annandale v St Cuthbert Wanderers (7.30pm)

Lochar Thistle: no fixture

Saturday, August 10. 3pm

Creetown v Wigtown and Bladnoch (League Cup first round)

Crichton v Newton Stewart (League Cup first round)

Fleet Star v Heston Rovers (League Cup first round)

Mid Annandale v Nigthsdale Wanderers

Lochar Thistle v St Cuthbert Wanderers

Abbey Vale: no fixture

Tuesday, August 13, 6.30pm unless otherwise stated

Abbey Vale v St Cuthbert Wanderers

Creetown v Fleet Star

Mid Annandale v Crichton (7.30pm)

Nithsdale Wanderers v Lochar Thistle

Wigtown and Bladnoch v Newton Stewart

Heston Rovers: no fixture

Wednesday, August 14

England v Scotland

Saturday, August 17, 3pm

Abbey Vale v Mid Annandale

Crichton v St Cuthbert Wanderers

Fleet Star v Newton Stewart

Heston Rovers v Creetown

Lochar Thistle v Wigtown and Bladnoch

Nithsdale Wanderers: no fixture

Saturday, August 24, 3pm

Creetown v Heston Rovers (Potts Cup first round)


Fleet Star v Dalbeattie Star (Potts Cup first round)

Lochar Thistle v Threave Rovers (Potts Cup first round)

Newton Stewart v Abbey Vale (Potts Cup first round)

Nithsdale Wanderers v Wigtown and Bladnoch

Crichton v Mid Annandale

St Cuthbert Wanderers: no fixture

Saturday, August 31, 3pm

Mid Annandale v St Cuthbert Wanderers (Potts Cup first round)

Abbey Vale v Newton Stewart

Creetown v Crichton

Lochar Thistle v Heston Rovers

Wigtown and Bladnoch v Nithsdale Wanderers

Fleet Star: no fixture