Molly Campbell mixed open at Portpatrick

Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club Molly Campbell Mixed Open will be played at Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club on Sunday 10th April.

Friday, 8th April 2016, 11:55 am

9.53am; S. Bell, Partner, J. Monteith, A. McClymont

10am; C. Fullerton; J. Hart, J. Scott, L. Scott

10:07am; T. Bark, H. Bark, M. Potter, A. Collings

10.14am; J. Patrick, P. Patrick, J. Neal, J. Neal

10.21am; S. McNicoll, I. McNicoll, A. Holt, M. Holt

10.28am; D. McGinn, S. McGinn, N. Cluckie, M. Cluckie

10.35am; B. Thomson , M. Thomson, V. Bee, D. Bee

10.42am; C. Pearson , K. Pearson, R. Dodds, T. Milligan

10.49am; J. Kennedy, A. Kennedy, T. Lang, H. Lang

10:56am; G. Baillie, K. Wright, J. Kokoley, P. Lewis

11.03am; Mr Keohone, Mrs Keohone, Mr Forbes, K. Watson

11.10am; Mr Thomson, Mrs Thomson, Mr Dalzeill, Mrs Dalzeill

11.17am; D. Brotherton, D. Brotherton, G. Coulter, K. McWilliam

11:24am; A .Halliday, M. Halliday, S. Gibson, G. Gibson

11:31am; J. White, V. Gibbons, P. Gerrard, E. Gerrard

11:38am; N. Wright, J. Wright, A .Graham, G. Graham

11:45am; J. Duncan, R. Carlin, T. Graham, K. Graham

11:52am; D. Brown, G. Brown, C. Dramond, S. Black

11:59am; J. Moffat, P. Moffat, J. Edmunds, J. Edmunds

12:06pm ; A. Rintoul, M. Hall, A. McColm, M. McLean

12:13pm ; M. Brunton, L. Copeland, E. McMorris, T. McMorris

12:20pm; I. Hope , A. Hope, G. Radford, G. Crebbin

12:27pm; J. Gardner, J. Anderson, B. Porter, T. McIntosh

12:34pm; Partner, A. Gardner, L. Lovsin, C. McIntosh

12:41pm; C. McCulloch, D. Corkindale, I. Campbell, J. Campbell

12:48pm; R. Cook, G. Dewar, R. Hardie, G. Robson

For all late entries and cancellations please contact the Professional Shop on 01776 810273.