Molly Campbell mixed open at Portpatrick

Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club Molly Campbell Mixed Open will be played at Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club on Sunday 10th April.

9.53am; S. Bell, Partner, J. Monteith, A. McClymont

10am; C. Fullerton; J. Hart, J. Scott, L. Scott

10:07am; T. Bark, H. Bark, M. Potter, A. Collings

10.14am; J. Patrick, P. Patrick, J. Neal, J. Neal

10.21am; S. McNicoll, I. McNicoll, A. Holt, M. Holt

10.28am; D. McGinn, S. McGinn, N. Cluckie, M. Cluckie

10.35am; B. Thomson , M. Thomson, V. Bee, D. Bee

10.42am; C. Pearson , K. Pearson, R. Dodds, T. Milligan

10.49am; J. Kennedy, A. Kennedy, T. Lang, H. Lang

10:56am; G. Baillie, K. Wright, J. Kokoley, P. Lewis

11.03am; Mr Keohone, Mrs Keohone, Mr Forbes, K. Watson

11.10am; Mr Thomson, Mrs Thomson, Mr Dalzeill, Mrs Dalzeill

11.17am; D. Brotherton, D. Brotherton, G. Coulter, K. McWilliam

11:24am; A .Halliday, M. Halliday, S. Gibson, G. Gibson

11:31am; J. White, V. Gibbons, P. Gerrard, E. Gerrard

11:38am; N. Wright, J. Wright, A .Graham, G. Graham

11:45am; J. Duncan, R. Carlin, T. Graham, K. Graham

11:52am; D. Brown, G. Brown, C. Dramond, S. Black

11:59am; J. Moffat, P. Moffat, J. Edmunds, J. Edmunds

12:06pm ; A. Rintoul, M. Hall, A. McColm, M. McLean

12:13pm ; M. Brunton, L. Copeland, E. McMorris, T. McMorris

12:20pm; I. Hope , A. Hope, G. Radford, G. Crebbin

12:27pm; J. Gardner, J. Anderson, B. Porter, T. McIntosh

12:34pm; Partner, A. Gardner, L. Lovsin, C. McIntosh

12:41pm; C. McCulloch, D. Corkindale, I. Campbell, J. Campbell

12:48pm; R. Cook, G. Dewar, R. Hardie, G. Robson

For all late entries and cancellations please contact the Professional Shop on 01776 810273.