Marhars Primary Cross Country

Relay winners were Penninghame
Relay winners were Penninghame

Over 280 pupils took part in the 2015 machars Primary Cross Country event at Bladnoch Park recently.

The overall winners were Penninghame Primary School, with Port Willam coming second and Kirkcowan finishing third out of the 10 primary schools involved. A huge thanks go to all the parents, staff and volunteers who assisted on the day as well as a special thanks to J&B print Newton Stewart for being a long term sponsor.

Primary 7 mile

Boys -1, Thomas Scott, Penninghame; 2, Craig McCulloch, Pennighame; 3, Gavin Martin, Whithorn.

Girls -1, Maria Stachnio, St Ninian’s; 2, Eilidh Sneddon, Penninghame; 3, Reagan Neeson, Whithorn

Primary 6 mile

Boys - 1, Zak Service, Kirkcowan; 2, Drew Fisher, Creetown; 3, Liam Clive, Penninghame

Girls - 1, Emma McCornick, Garlieston; 2, Bronagh Beattie, St Ninian’s; 3, Emma Jolly, Whithorn

Primary 5 mile

Boys - 1, Jake Ellis, Kirkcowan; 2, Rory Mann, Penninghame; 3, Callum McKeand, Minnigaff

Girls - 1, Abilgail Lockhart, Port William; 2, Zara McWilliam, Wigtown; 3, Ellie Cluckie, Wigtown

Primary 7 hilly half

1, Jake Ellis, Kirkcowan; 2, Rory Mann, Penninghame; 3, Callum McKeand, Minnigaff

Primary 6 hilly half

1, Spencer Maddocks, Port William; 2, Cerys McKie, Penninghame; 3, Jack Lochhead, Port William

Primary 5 hilly half

1, Gordon Keith, Port William; 2, David Lawson, Port William; 3, Nathan Telfer, Kirkcowan

Primary 6/7 have a go

1, Ellie Lochhhead, Whithorn; 2, Thomas Munro, Creetown; 3, Chloe McShane, Whithorn

Primary 5 have a go

1, Victoria Smith, Whithorn; 2, Isla Campbell, Whithorn; 3, Ellie McKie, Penninghame


1, Penninghame (Thomas Scott, Rory Mann, Craig McCulloch); 2, Kirkcowan (Zak Service, Jake Ellis, Archie Mortiboy); 3, Wigtown (James Sharp, Michael Corcoran, Euan Plunkett).