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machars sports competitions
machars sports competitions

Friday 24th June saw the first Sports Champ competition to be held within the Machars Primary Cluster. This new event was devised by Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Active Schools and Community Sports Team to give all primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils a chance to compete against each other within their own primary, before coming together to compete against the best competitors from other schools.

A series of trials were run in each individual school to determine which boy and girl from each year group would go on to represent their school at the sports champ finals. This gave talented athletes from smaller schools a chance to compete against other pupils of a similar ability and really stretch the kid’s talent. During Sports Champs, the pupils worked their way around 7 athletics stations focusing on; running, jumping or throwing. Each station was run by DEHS senior pupils and gave the P7’s moving up to S1 a chance to meet the seniors.

There was a lovely atmosphere about the event and each year group made new friendships as they moved around the activities together, aiding transition and forming new bonds.


P7 boys; 1st Corey Ross Creetown 28; 2nd Zak Service Kirkcowan 24; 3rd Paul Rush Whithorn 21

p7 girls; 1st Emma Jolly Whithorn 29; 2nd Elli Wadsworth Port William 25; 3rd Pippa Harris Wigtown 20

P6 boys; 1st Brogan Campbell Minnigaff 27; 2nd Jake Ellis Kirkcowan 23; 3rd Rory Carruthers Whithorn 21

P6 girls; 1st Holly Martin Whithorn 30; 2nd Chloe Mc Elrea Port William 22; 3rd Skye Herries Creetown 21

P5 boys; 1st Kyle Moffat Creetown 24; 2nd Murray Henderson Kirkinner 19; 3rd Cameron Hughes Penninghame 13

P5 girls; 1st Teri Smith Creetown 32; 2nd Abbie Gurling Penninghame 24; 3rd Robyn Sterritt Port William 23

Overall schools; 1st CREETOWN 105 2nd WHITHORN 101 3rd PORT WILLIAM 70