Machars Junior Badminton

The primary school girls that took part
The primary school girls that took part

A TOTAL of 61 children took part in the 2011 Machars Junior Badminton competitions.

Numbers in all three age groups were down this year but some very close games made it very exciting to watch.

The primary school boys that took part

The primary school boys that took part

On Monday, December 12, entries from Penninghame, Creetown, Garlieston, Wigtown, Port William and Kirkinner made up the Primary Schools section. Both the boys and girls singles went right to the wire with Harry McCreath (Gar) winning against Fraser Dawson (Penn) by one point, and Ailidh McGonigle, just easing out Eleanor Mactier to win the girls’ title.

With a lower entry in both the Under 15’s and Under 18’s, it was decided to play both competitions on the Wednesday night. Sabina Sobczak and Alistair Birse won their respective Under 15 singles. Sabina went home with three gold medals having also won the Under 15 girls doubles, with partner Sarah Mills, and the mixed doubles with Lewis Wallace. The Under 18’s took a bit longer to finish. Having run out of time on the Wednesday night, due to some late entries, the boys singles were postponed until the last day of term. This saw a re-run of the 2010 final, with Stuart Mactier taking the title from Liam Campbell. However, some very strong matches were played as everyone fought to come out on top. It was good to see some new faces at the competitions and it is hoped that a number of the players will go on to represent the DEHS at the Dumfries and Galloway Schools tournament next month.

Thanks to the Staff and helpers who have worked with and coached the Primary school children. These are hopefully the badminton players of the future. Thanks also to all those who came along on the above dates to help with the children, with a special thank you to staff and senior pupils who umpired for the Primary Schools.


Primary Girls Singles

Charlie Stewart bt Erin Monteith 11-6. Eleanor Mactier bt Laura Gorman 11-5.

Rebecca Milven bt Nicole McKeevor 11-10. Hannah Birse bt Meera Singh 11-4.

Katherine McCarthy bt Lydia Taylor 11-9. Ailidh McGonigle bt Leigha Rennie 11-7.

Charlie Stewart bt Charlotte Parker 11-6. Eleanor Mactier bt Rebecca Milven 11-6.

Hannah Birse bt Katherine McCarthy 11-4. Ailidh McGonigle bt Nikita Stevenson 11-2.

Eleanor Mactier bt Charlie Stewart 11-10. Ailidh McGonigle bt Hannah Birse 11-9.

Final:- Ailidh McGonigle bt Eleanor Mactier 11-6.

Primary Boys Singles

Fraser McQuat bt Ross Taylor 11-4. Harry Bradley bt Harry Brown 11-7.

Michael Gay bt Archie Tattam 11-2.

Ross Campbell bt Jacob Beaddie 11-4.

Andrew Black bt Axl Manson 11-10. Dylan Rennie bt Ryan Hewitson 11-1.

Fraser Dawson bt Connor Cluckie 11-2. Fraser McQuat bt Harry Bradley 11-6.

Michael Gay bt Ryan Hannay 11-0. Aidan McTier bt Craig Moffat 11-2.

David Hyslop bt Ian Ambrose 11-3. Ross Campbell bt Steven Lock 11-4.

Dylan Rennie bt Andrew Black 11-8. Harry McCreath bt Aidan Cluckie 11-4.

Fraser Dawson bt Fraser McQuat 11-4. Michael Gay bt Aidan McTier 11-10.

David Hyslop bt Ross Campbell 11-4. Harry McCreath bt Dylan Rennie 11-1.

Fraser Dawson bt Michael Gay 11-4. Harry McCreath bt David Hyslop 11-2.

Final:- Harry McCreath bt Fraser Dawson 11-10.

Primary Girls Doubles

Nicole McKeevor & Eleanor Mactier bt Laura Gorman & Meera Singh 11-7.

Ailidh McGonigle & Hannah Birse bt Lydia Taylor & Erin Monteith 11-1.

Charlie Stewart & Rebecca Milven bt Katherine McCarthy & Leigha Rennie 11-6.

Charlotte Parker & Nikita Stevenson bt Nicole McKeevor & Eleanor Mactier 11-2.

Aiidh McGonigle & Hannah Birse bt Charlie Stewart & Rebecca Milven 11-7.

Final:- Ailidh McGonigle & Hannah Birse bt Charlotte Parker & Nikita Stevenson 11-5.

Primary Boys Doubles

Ian Ambrose & Michael Gay bt Axl Manson & Ross Taylor 11-1.

Dylan Rennie & Craig Moffat bt Jacob Beaddie & Harry Bradley 11-2.

Ryan Hewitson & Harry McCreath bt Harry Brown & Andrew Black 11-3.

David Hyslop & Aidan McTier bt Ryan Hannay & Steven Locke 11-1.

Ian Ambrose & Michael Gay bt Dylan Rennie & Craig Moffat 11-7.

Aidan Cluckie & Fraser McQuat bt Ryan Hewitson & Harry McCreath 11-4.

Fraser Dawson & Connor Cluckie bt Ross Campbell & Archie Tattum 11-1.

David Hyslop & Aidan McTier bt Ian Ambrose & Michael Gay 11-7.

Fraser Dawson & Connor Cluckie bt Aidan Cluckie & Fraser McQuat 11-9.

Final:- Fraser Dawson & Connor Cluckie bt David Hyslop & Aidan McTier 11-8.

Primary Mixed Doubles

Ross Campbell & Charlotte Parker bt Harry McCreath & Lydia Taylor 11-5.

Michael Gay & Leigha Rennie bt Harry Brown & Charlie Stewart 11-7.

Aidan Cluckie & Laura Gorman bt Dylan Rennie & Erin Monteith 11-3.

Fraser Dawson & Katherine McCarthy bt Andrew Black & Rebecca Milven 11-3.

Fraser McQuat & Meera Singh bt Ryan Hewitson & Nicole McKeevor 11-10.

Craig Moffat & Eleanor Mactier bt Archie Tattam & Nikita Stevenson 11-9.

David Hyslop & Hannah Birse bt Ross Campbell & Charlotte Parker 11-4.

Michael Gay & Leigha Rennie bt Aidan Cluckie & Laura Gorman 11-10.

Fraser Dawson & Katherine McCarthy bt Fraser McQuat & Meera Singh 11-7.

Aidan McTier & Ailidh McGonigle bt Craig Moffat & Eleanor Mactier 11-5.

David Hyslop & Hannah Birse bt Michael Gay & Leigha Rennie 11-6.

Aidan McTier & Ailidh McGonigle bt Fraser Dawson & Katherine McCarthy 11-9.

Final:- David Hyslop & Hannah Birse bt Aidan McTier & Ailidh McGonigle 11-9.

Under 15 – Girls Singles

Megan Sommerville bt Sarah Mills 21-19. Sabina Sobczak bt Rachel Owen 21-5.

Final:- Sabina Sobczak bt Megan Sommerville 21-7.

Under 15 – Boys Singles

Alistair Birse bt Fraser Kelly 21-3.

Alistair Birse bt Lewis Wallace 21-15. Jack Taylor bt Lewis Dawson 21-11.

Final:- Alistair Birse bt Jack Taylor 21-15.

Under 15 – Girls Doubles

Final:- Sabina Sobczak & Sarah Mills bt Megan Sommerville & Rachel Owen 23-21.

Under 15 – Boys Doubles

Final:- Lewis Dawson & Alistair Birse bt Jack Taylor & Fraser Kelly 21-14.

Under 15 – Mixed Doubles

Final:- Lewis Wallace & Sabina Sobczak bt Lewis Dawson & Sarah Mills 21-10.

Under 18 – Girls Singles

Hebe Dale bt Ruth Nevison 22-20.

Final:- Leah Forsyth bt Hebe Dale 21-8.

Under 18 – Boys Singles

Mark Milven bt Daniel Purves 15-13, 15-13.

Liam Campbell bt Michael Brown 15-13, 15-11. Sam Mactier bt Liam Kelly 12-15, 18-16, 15-5.

Stuart Mactier bt Mark Milven 15-11, 15-6. Liam Campbell bt Sam Mactier 15-13, 15-7.

Final:- Stuart Mactier bt Liam Campbell 16-14, 15-11.

Under 18 – Girls Doubles

Final:- Leah Forsyth & Ilise Spice bt Hebe Dale & Ruth Nevison 15-9, 15-6.

Under 18 – Boys Doubles

Michael Brown & Mark Milven bt Sam Mactier & Daniel Purves 15-9, 15-12.

Adrian Collings & Jack McClymont bt Michael Brown & Mark Milven 15-14, 11-15, 15-14.

Sam Mactier & Daniel Purves bt Adrian Collings & Jack McClymont 15-8, 14-15, 15-8.

Winners on points:- Michael Brown & Mark Milven.

Under 18 – Mixed Doubles

Mark Milven & Leah Forsyth bt Jack McClymont & Hebe Dale 15-7, 15-1.

Sam Mactier & Ilise Spice bt Adrian Collings & Ruth Nevison 15-7, 15-12.

Final:- Mark Milven & Leah Forsyth bt Sam Mactier & Ilise Spice 15-3, 15-8.