Local curlers claim senior titles

Team  Muirhead
Team Muirhead

The Mens and Womens Finals of the Go Coco Scottish Curling Senior Championships took place at a packed Lanarkshire Ice Rink on Sunday.

Team Muirhead (Gordon Muirhead – skip, Norman Brown, David Hay, Hugh Aitken) taking the 2016 Scottish Curling Senior Men’s Championship title, and Team Lockhart (Jackie Lockhart – skip, Christine Cannon, Isobel Hannen, Margaret Richardson) taking the 2016 Scottish Curling Senior Women’s Championship title.

Team Lockhart

Team Lockhart

These teams will now go on to represent Scotland at the World Senior Curling Championships in Karstad, Sweden, 16th – 23rd April 2016.

Going into the finals, Team Lockhart were the only undefeated team. They found themselves up against Team Prentice.

With the score 3-1 to Lockhart at the halfway point Prentice looked strong in the fifth, lying two and with a third stone in the house against Lockhart’s one, by the time Gwen played her last stone. Although her last stone was slightly heavy and tapped back one of her own, Team Prentice were lying three when Jackie played her last – she managed the hit and took one.

Although Lockhart had four stones left in the house by the end of the sixth, Gwen managed a draw for two with her last, lessening the gap between the teams with the score now 3-4 to Lockhart. It looked like Team Prentice were again putting pressure on Team Lockhart in the seventh, but a miss with Gwen’s last left Lockhart the opportunity to draw for two.

The final end saw Team Lockhart keep the house as clear as possible in order to maintain their lead. Handshakes were offered after Jackie’s first stone, with the final score 6-3 to Team Lockhart.

Team Muirhead and Team Howat had already faced each other in the round robin, where Gordon Muirhead’s team had come out on top 5-2 after seven ends. In the final Gordon managed to tap back for a two in the first. The second was blanked. In the third there was a chance for Team Howat to take two, however they were limited to one when Robert’s last stone picked up.

The fourth end saw Muirhead play a runback on his own stone to sit shot with the first of his skips stones, Clark managed to hit it out but didn’t sit so the final stone of the end was thrown through in order to blank, with Muirhead retaining hammer for the fifth end. It turned out to be a simple fifth end which was kept clean, and resulted in another blank.

With his first in the sixth, Team Howat skip Robert Clark tried to draw behind the opposition stone which was biting on the centre line, it was a touch tight and rolled into the open, leaving Muirhead an open hit to lie two. Clark hit and rolled to lie one, after Muirhead’s take out rolled out, there was a measure to determine that Muirhead had one.

The seventh end was kept pretty clean, but then a straight hit for two from Robert Clark left the teams neck and neck with three each going into the final end.

After Gordon’s first stone of the eighth end Team Muirhead were sitting two. After a lengthy discussion, Team Howat’s Robert Clark attempted the double, it wasn’t to be, and with two Muirhead stones in the house and two still to play, handshakes were offered.