Little lands large catch

A bit of a mixed bag weather-wise this week but in between the wind and rain plenty of fish have come ashore. And grabbing more than their fair share of the spoils were two Peever members fishing their round of the annual knock-out competition.

David Little and Mike Kyle fished shoulder to shoulder 
at Balcary with the pair of them landing and releasing more than 100 dogfish plus a few huss and thornback ray. “Plenty of fish about,” said David, who ran out the winner on the day and is through to the next round.

Boat sport is still rewarding with good bags of pollock from under the cliffs at Port Logan. Frozen sand eel or any of the jelly worms spun through the water will all find a fish or two, though the best of the jellies has to be the firetail.

Vary the speed of retrieve and try to cover as much ground as possible by spinning over and as close to the rough ground/kelp as you dare without snagging.

The rock marks around the Solway and Wigtown Bay are all fishing well, with no stories of blanks at all this week. The Torrs in Kirkcudbright Bay and the Lifeboat Station are worth a visit for bass and ray, with a good chance of mackerel, which seem to be showing themselves more and more as the days go by. Ross Point is a good spot for huss and conger but be prepared to loose a few traces here or fish with a rotten bottom: that way you still land your fish should the lead get snagged.

The warm balmy evenings are just what the doctor ordered for a fly hatch but unfortunately this goes hand in glove with the dreaded mighty midge.

No matter what you try, they still seem able to penetrate any defence the angler puts up. Midge nets over the head, anti-midge spray, creams and so on all seem to succumb to the midge hoards at some point. Which begs a question that you the readers may be able to answer. What midge protection do you use and how successful is it? No prizes but I can guarantee there will be hundreds of your fellow fishermen who would be very grateful for your input.

The local river system hasn’t been the best of places to wet a line these past few days due to low levels but recent rain has put a lot of fresh water into the system and should encourage a few rods out by the end of this week.

Loch Ronald is producing good bags of bream and has settled into its summer stride at last, though the tench are still proving elusive – or no-one is telling! The bream shoals are responding well to feeder tactics fished over a bed of ground bait. Sweet corn on the hook seems to be the in bait just now but regular feeding with maggot or worm will do just as well, plus, with worm baits, you could end up with a bonus perch or two. The jacks are still proving to be a bit of a nuisance for anglers looking for silver fish and seem to average out at around the 5lb mark but my thought is: “Why not?” They give a good account for themselves and at the moment are very obliging. Any fish that puts a bend in the rod and gives a good account of itself is worth having a wee scrap with.

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