Limekiln Loch lift Kinnear Trophy

Kinnear Trophy winner from Limekiln Loch CC - Peter JD Wilson, Jocelyn Bell, Janette Sloan (presenting), Hugh Aitken, Beth Aitken
Kinnear Trophy winner from Limekiln Loch CC - Peter JD Wilson, Jocelyn Bell, Janette Sloan (presenting), Hugh Aitken, Beth Aitken

The he Rhins O’ Gallowa’ Province retained the Kinnear Trophy, sponsored by Kinnear for Carpets, Port William, last Friday at Stranraer Ice Rink with a 20 shot win over their Galloway Province rivals.

The Rhins teams in this mixed event racked up a 57 to 37 shots victory over the two sessions, with most games being closely contested affairs.

The teams are traditionally entered in the name of one of the women in the rink, but although the teams must be alternate, the women do not have to skip the rink.

The highest-up club in the winning province was the Limekiln Loch Curling Club rink of Hugh Aitken, Jocelyn Bell, Peter JD Wilson and Beth Aitken, nine shots up. The highest-up team in the losing province were Glasserton Curling Club’s team of James Maxwell, Louise Kerr, Tom Bell and Helen Vance who were three shots up.

At the close of play, Galloway Province President Drew Paton thanked everyone for taking part in the competition, commenting on the Kinnear family’s long association with curling that was continuing through Callum Kinnear in the junior ranks of Scottish curling. He then congratulated the winners from Limekiln and asked Rhins Province secretary Janette Sloan to present the prizes of hampers of goodies from Galloway’s Grocers in Whithorn to the winning province team and the losing province team.

Rhins Province vice-president Trevor Harrison then gave a general vote of thanks to the sponsors Kinnear for Carpets for their continuing support of the competition and to the two secretaries, Janette Sloan and Louise Kerr, for organising the rinks and the draw.


2.40pm - Mrs Helen Smith, Glasserton 6 Miss Katie Wright, Leswalt 7; Mrs Christine Cannon, Wigtown 5 Mrs Linda Shaw, Logan 3; Mrs Pam Woods, Penninghame 5 Mrs Janette Sloan, Loch ; Mrs Joyce Maitland, Minnigaff 2 Mrs Maureen Parker, Castle Kennedy 9.

5.00pm - Mrs Alison Cloy, Kirlmabreck 6 Mrs Jane Murray, Stoneykirk 6; Miss Louise Kerr, Glasserton 8 Mrs Kate Adams, Portpatrick 5; Mrs Barbara Woods, Penninghame 2 Mrs Jocelyn Bell, Limekiln Loch 11; Mrs Jean McKay, Wigtown 3 Mrs Angela Wilson, Castle Kennedy 10.