Horton and Henderson combine for big win

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Kirkpatrick Trophy

Last Tuesday saw the final of the Kirkpatrick Trophy at Stranraer Ice Rink with the winners being Aberdeen’s Grieg Henderson, with Ken Horton skipping.

This senior mixed invitation Bonspiel which was sponsored by Hugh Kirkpatrick, has been a feature of the Stranraer Ice Rink Curling Club’s calendar for many years and is attended by teams from around Scotland as well as local rinks. The eight competing rinks played in two sections of four teams each. After two games and scored on the Shenkell system, the top two teams in each section moved into the high road with the other two teams in the sections playing the consolation event.

In the final game of the high road section Grieg Henderson rink, having won all their three games to date, played Ena Smith’s Ayr team to decide who would be the winners of the trophy.

In the consolation event, the contest came down to the game between Nigel Murray’s Inverness rink who were scheduled to play Hugh Aitken and Helen Smith of local club Glasserton’s team who competed against Brian Park. In the top game, Ena Smith held a lead after four ends of four shots to two, but the Henderson rink took a one at the fifth and then stole a big four at the sixth end to virtually settle matters. Ena could only pull back one at the seventh and with her opposition taking one at the final eighth end, the Ken Horton skipped team came out as clear winners at eight shots to five. In the other high road game Norman Brown had a convincing win over John Wilson. In the consolation games, Nigel Murray won fairly easily over Hugh Aitken to secure a record of six points over all and win the section. Helen Smith with a one shot victory over Brian Park came second in the consolation event with a total of four points.

The presentation by Stranraer Ice Rink Curling Club President, Hew Chalmers, saw all four successful teams receiving prizes of various well known spirit brands in differing sized containers according to their success levels courtesy of sponsor Hugh Kirkpatrick who presented the Kirkpatrick Trophy to winning skip Ken Horton. For his team Ken Horton thanked the organisers and Hugh Kirkpatrick for a most convivial and enjoyable social programme and contest. Hugh Aitken called a vote of thanks to Hew Chalmers for his presentation.

The social side of the programme had commenced with a cocktail party for all competitors on Sunday evening and a dinner dance on the Monday night.

Winning Teams:

High Road:

Winners: Ken Horton (skip); Kate Henderson (third); Greig Henderson (second); Liz Horton (lead).

Runners up: Ena Smith (skip); Luigi Massari (third); Helen Mathieson (second); Robert Mathieson (lead).

Consolation Event:

Winners: Nigel Murray (skip); Christine McKenzie (third); Richard McKenzie (second); Valerie Mackay (lead).

Runners up: Helen Smith (skip); Willy Yuille (third); Rita Mitchell (second); Robert Smith (lead).