FOUR pony mad girls from Wigtownshire recently travelled to Ayrshire and Northumberland to take part in a triathlon.

Last month, Leah and Isla Forsyth, Lucy Fisher and Holly Sproat went to Cumnock for the Eglinton Pony Club’s Triathlon. In the open girls competition, Leah was second overall, Lucy was third and Holly was fourth. In a highly competitive junior girls competition, Isla shot 920 to finish 4th in the shooting.

Arran  his pony Jake and Bobby his  Highland pony Carn of Carrick.

Arran his pony Jake and Bobby his Highland pony Carn of Carrick.

Earlier this month, Leah, Isla and Holly went to Alnwick for the Percy Hunt pony club’s “O’er the border” triathlon. After a very pleasant over night stay in Rothbury, the girls did Scotland proud. The Scottish Eagles team of Leah, Holly and Beth Gallagher were flying high in second place in the open girls competition. But the Scottish Swans team of Isla Forsyth, Kate and Evie Gallagher, and Kerstin Dodd were soaring to first place in the highly competitive junior girls competition! Very well done


Thanks go to Debbie Gunby for being team manager and Allison Johnstone for driving to Alnwick and back.

For more information about Galloway Branch of the Pony Club go to

Barstobrick Equestrian Indoor Recreational Centre

A showjunmping fundraiser orgainsed by Kirkcudbright Academy took place at Barstobrick at Ringford last Saturday in aid of two local charities - the Galloway Mountain Rescue Team and Riding for the Disabled.

Fourty-two entrants raised a total of £603.73. This money will go towards an end of the year total which will be split between the two charities.



Lead rein - 1, Kyle Scott on Mimo; 2, Logan Anderson on Danny; 3, Philipa Dale on Sunley.

Wibby wobbly - 1, Enna Foley on Max; 2, Becky Maxwell on Lochill Benji; 3, Eden McCulloch on Jiminy.

50cm - 1, Isla Davis on Shadow; 2, Samantha Wilson on Nirvana; 3, Ashton James on Fly.

60cm - 1, Becky Maxwell on Lochill Benji; 2, Isla Davis on Shadow; 3, Ashton James on Fly.

70cm - 1, Kali Dalrymple on Ben; 2, Samantha Wilson on Ninana Tywyson; 3, Sophie Hayes on Bazil.

80cm - 1, Chloe Steel on Paddy; 2, Sophie Hayes on Bazil; 3, Eilidh Fisher on Sam.

90cm - 1, Anna Ramsay on Lexi; 2, Eilidh Fisher on Sam; 3, Chloe Steel on Paddy.


65cm -1, Lesley McMillan on Rocky; 2, Gemma Craig on Quinn; 3, Samantha Wilson on Rughavens Senita.

75cm - 1, Donald Smith on Puzzle; 2, Katie Walkinshaw on Kelpie; 3, Gemma Craig on Quinn.

85cm - 1, Donald Smith on Puzzle; 2, Shona Rhodes on Toby Jnr; 3, Jennifer Holman on Bootsie.

95cm - 1, Robyn Bendall on Henry; 2, Alex Dalrymple on Bolero; 3, Ian Greig on Hoochaboy.

105cm - 1, Ian Craig on Hootchaboy; 2, Robyn Bendall on Henry.

Scottish Endurance Riding Club Dumfries

Penninghame Ride

After a gap of two years SERC decided it would be prudent to reintroduce a “short” long distance ride in Wigtownshire.

Thanks to Mr Sam Currie of Portequip for parking space and Forest Commission Galloway Forest for use of Glenrazie Forest where 22 riders took part recently riding distances of either 7 Km, 12Km, 18Km, or 22 Km.

In past years shortest distance offered was 16 Km. Now we offer Pony Club classes at some rides and we had a six-year-old ride this with adult on a bike.

We also have classes to introduce interested parties up to 14 Km we offered 12 Km and this was a popular distance.

AS always helpers are paramount so many thanks to Chief Steward Nikki and Competant Person Rae. Janice was writer, starter Wyn CP’s Alistair and Moira. Marking and unmarking course Liz, Lorna, Bobby and Bryony.


C Little on Busby Bobolink 9.78kph; L Foulds on Jenny Wren 8.kph; N Edwards on Remy Royale 10.82kph; J Widdop on Bobby 8.44kph; R Cringean on Gerrig Tonos 9.88kmh; P Hudson on Pepsi 9.88kph; R Matthew on Crioch Khamsin on 9.78kmh; K Robinson on Storm 6.37kmh; L Forrest on Gayle 6.37kph; Bobby McCaw on Carn 6.55kph; Bryony McCaw on Molly 6.86kph; Karyn McMillan on Kelpie 6.86lph; C Ross on Vixon 5.76kph; A Smith on Willow 5.76kph; E Ware on Blossom 5.76kph; A Jolly on Ring the Bell 8.09kph; C Jolly on Ace of Spades 8.09kph; L Macdonald on Macy Grey 8.09kph; J Crosbie on Magpie 8.09kph; N Gillan on Polly’s Delight 8.09kph; Arran Braid on Jedi Jake 7.50kph.