Homecoming for Vicki

Stranraer Ice Rink was decked out in Union Jacks and packed out with local curlers last Friday night as membersand friends gathered proudly to welcome home their first homegrown Olympic medallist, Vicki Adams.

Vicki had just returned from the winter games in Sochi after winning a bronze medal with her teammates Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan and Claire Hamilton.

After everyone toasted the Olympian with a drink, courtesy of Stranraer Ice Rink Curling Club, ice rink manager Gail Munro introduced British Olympic Council member Hew Chalmers who spoke of his pride in how the rink handled the pressure of the Olympic Games and what they had done to bring the sport to a bigger audience. He added they had broken four Olympic recorded when becoming the youngest curling team to win a medal, the first to score a seven, the first to steal a five and the first to scores a total of 12 shots. Ice rink past president Brian Park then presented Vicki with a bouquet of flowers before paying tribute to her talent and dedication and saying how much her success means to all the curlers at Stranraer Ice Rink.

Twenty-four-year old Vicki then took the floor and with the self assurance an Olympic medal brings spoke eloquently and amusingly about her experiences in Sochi and the team spirit that was the foundation for that final last stone victory against Switzerland.