History made as two teenagers win Wigtownshire Rink Championships

Wigtownshire winners - Karlyn Lyon, Hammy McMillan, Steven Cronnie (sponsor), Philip Wilson and Niall Ryder
Wigtownshire winners - Karlyn Lyon, Hammy McMillan, Steven Cronnie (sponsor), Philip Wilson and Niall Ryder

The Castle Kennedy rink of Hammy McMillan, Philip Wilson, Niall Ryder and Karlyn Lyon won the Wigtownshire Rink Championships, sponsored by Steven Cronnie, Family Butcher, Wigotwn and Jacks the Butcher, Stranraer, last Friday evening at Stranraer Ice Rink beating the Leswalt foursome of Margaret Agnew, John Agnew, Aaron Sproule and Neville Wright 6-3 in a high-class final.

The final result was defined early on when the Castle Kennedy rink took three shots in the first end. That put the Leswalt players on the back foot, but they held on to their opponents and tried to narrow the gap, but tight tactics for Castle Kennedy’s experienced skip, Hammy McMillan, meant they could only score singles, and with the score at 6-3 in the eighth and last end they shook hands when the game was beyond their reach.

The victory for Castle Kennedy meant that 14-year-old Niall Ryder and 16-year-old Karlyn Lyon became the youngest ever recorded winners of the historic curling trophy.

At the presentations, Galloway Province president Drew Paton praised both teams for the quality of their curling and asked sponsor Steven Cronnie to present prizes of curling mugs and coasters to the runners up and £25 vouchers for McMillan Hotels for the winners. Both skips spoke eloquently about their experiences in the final, with much praise for their teams.

Rhins O’ Gallowa’ Province President Norman Brown then gave a vote of thanks to the sponsors for their continued support of the competition, the finalists, the ice rink staff and the two Province secretaries, Janette Sloan and Louise Kerr, for organising it.


1st round - I Macpherson, Logan 17 A McClymont, Minnigaff 3; J Agnew, Leswalt 9 S Groom, Kirkmabreck 1; P Wilson, Castle Kennedy 11 G Penrose, Glasserton 3; T Harrison, Leswalt 7 I Kirkpartick, Stoneykirk 5

Semi-finals - I Macpherson 2 J Agnew 12; P Wilson 8 T Harrison 5

Final - J Agnew 3 P Wilson 6.

Winning rink - Hammy McMillan, Philip Wilson, Niall Ryder, Karlyn Lyon (Castle Kennedy CC).

Runners-up - Margaret Agnew, John Agnew, Aaron Sproule, Neville Wright (Leswalt CC).