Coulter Salver Opening Day draw 2018

The draw for the opening day Coulter Salver Gents Open golf competition has been made with over 130 golfers scheduled to tee off for the coveted annual trophy tomorrow (Saturday).

Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 4:06 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 4:08 pm

07:44 F. Grant (County) W. Milby (County) Late Entry

07:51 R. Shaw (County) S. Stables (County) F. Greenhor(Stranraer)

07:58 M. Kyle (Stranraer)B. Graham (Stranraer) J. Wither (Stranraer)

08:05 G. McCleary (County)R. Scott (County) J. Urie (Dunskey)

08:12 G. Hannah (Dunskey) A. Currie (Dunskey) S. Thompson (Gatehouse)

08:19 S. Whannell (N/S) C. Bennewith (N/S) N. Hyslop (Dunskey)

08:26 J. McPhee (County) R. McDougall (County) P. Haslam (Gatehouse)

08:33 T. Gibson (Dunskey) J. Gibson (Dunskey) B. Jamieson

08:40 A. Chung (Dunskey) J. White (Dunskey) P. Rae (Dunskey)

08:47 R. Herries (W&B) E. Marshall (W&B) R. Randall (Dunskey)

08.54 J. Henderson (Dunskey) C. Reynolds (Dunskey) R. McCluskey (Girvan)

08.59 S. Rae (Dunskey) I. McBeth (CD) G. Campbell (CD)

09:06 S. Bunyon (Doon Valley)S. Brown (Loudon)G. Findlay (CD)

09:13 D. Johnstone (Loudon) J. Bunyon (Doon Valley) J. Graham (Loudon)

09:20 W. McCall (Dunskey) B. Ferguson J. Ferrier (Loudon)

09:27 W. Hughes (Dunskey) S. Widdowson (S’Ness) R. McClymont (NS)

09:34 J. McClymont (NS) S. Thomson (S’Ness) R. McCreath (S’Ness)

09.41 G. Meikle (Dunskey) D. Wall (Dunskey) R. Hughan (NS)

09:48 J. McClory (Dunskey) A. Ramsay (Larne) M. Potter (W&B)

09:55 B. Porter (Dunskey) T. Quinn (Larne) D. Farley (Larne)

10:02 A. Lightbody (Dunskey) A. Russell (Larne) B. Neill (Ballochmyle)

10:09 J. Fuller (Dunskey) C. MaGill (Larne) J. Holland (Ballochmyle)

10:16 T. Fuller (Cockermouth) S. Lyness (Greensland) J. Holland Jnr(Ballochmyle)

10:23 G. Radford (Dunskey) G. Strang (Ballochmyle) R. Naysmith (Ballochmyle)

10:30 J. Kirker (Greensland) R. McColm (Dunskey) P. McGregor (Ballochmyle)

10:37 S. Meneely (Dunmurray) R. Murray (S’Ness) J. McNair (Ballochmyle)

10:44 D. Brodie (NS) M. Kirkwood (Kirkcudbright) C. Berry (Loudon)

10:51 S. McPhail (East Ren) J. Craig (Dalbeattie) J. Murdoch (Ballochmyle)

10:58 A. McVicar (East Ren) G. Carson (Dalbeattie) I. Ramsay (Ballochmyle)

11:05 P. Newall (Dunskey) R. Easterbrooke(Ballochmyle) C. Healey (Crichton)

11:12 S. Campbell (Stranraer) R. Welsh (S’Ness) I. Murray (Ballochmyle)

11:19 J. Murdoch (Torrance) P. Gorman (Crichton) R. Mason (Ballochmyle)

11:26 R. Cook (Dunskey) W. Smylie (Ballochmyle) R. McVey (Ballochmyle)

11:33 M. Brunton (Dunskey) T. Scott (Ballochmyle) K. Mitchell (Ballochmyle)

11:40 J. Adams (Dunskey) G. Pick (Dunskey) T. Hunt (Dunskey)

11:47 E. Ing (Dunskey) A. Johnstone (Ballochmyle) S. Garnett (Lochmaben)

11:54 G. Davidson (Dunskey) R. Douglas (Lochmaben) P. Watrett (Lochmaben)

12:08 R. MacBeth (Lochmaben) D. Longair (St Cuthberts) A. Carmichael (Dunskey)

12:15 D. Brown (Dunskey) W. Pitt (Turnberry) M. Inman (Lochmaben)

12:22 J. Macbeth (Lochmaben) A. Santangeli (Dunskey) M. McFern (Dunskey)

12:29 Late Entry Late Entry Late Entry

12:36 Late Entry Late Entry Late Entry

12:43 Ronnie McColm (Dunskey) R. Tobin (Dunskey) J. Roberts (Stranraer)

12:50 A. Leishman (Seafield) I. Johnstone (County) S. Cumming (Troon

12:57 J. Shankley (Seafield) B. Cumming (St Nicholas) D. Agnew (County)

13:04 K. Johnstone (County) B. Garrett (County) F. Alexander (Seafield)

13:11 W. Hutcheson (Seafield) T. McKie (County) J. McLean (W&B)

13:18 D. Gladstone (Stranraer R. McCulloch (County)B. Welsh (Stranraer)

13:25 S. McCallum (County) R. Jackson (County) R. Baillie (County)