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Trail Riders in the Cally Woods
Trail Riders in the Cally Woods

The riders have been very lucky with the last outings arranged, where they took to the hills near Glenwhilly Station on a damp morning which turned into a lovely afternoon. Eleven riders from Ayrshire & Galloway used the old drove road over Beneraird towards Ballantrae.

Various distances depending on fitness of horse and rider were tackled but longest reached the Ayrshire border near highest point very scenic. Lagafater Lodge was another turning point the less fit reached end of grass track towards Barnvannoch and all traced outward track back home. Many thanks to Colin and Kay and friends who manned most of gates. There were eleven mounted on that ride.

Nine riders had a fast beach ride from Sandhead on another outing with various distances again completed. Not many actually went as far as Ringdoo (it was a hot day and a paddle in sea appreciated by horses).

Latest outing was the ever popular Cally Woods and a small section in Disdow Wood where its harvest time thus reducing our tracks.

The numbers really excelled this time and it was lovely to see old friends who had recovered from illness to venture forth to make 16 mounted.

The designated horse shoe marked route was used by most then across road at Robbers Gate to reach “the grassy track” well into Disdow Wood with estuary to admire way below.

If time and energy still to the fore some adventures were taken past Cally Palace Hotel towards Sandgreen or round Barrhill Wood.

Weather was perfect for riding and no flies or clegs to annoy the mounts.

The group hope to obtain permission from Lord Stair to have their next outing near Lochinch for the September ride.

The club are happy to have riders with great ideas and places to ride come along and share. With Larch disease, the forest tracks are not as good as they used to be and they all want safe riding off raod if possible.

The ridersope to see new faces out on their trails .