Galloway golfing round-up

The ladies team from St Medan
The ladies team from St Medan

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Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Association

Belhaven Texas Scramble winners, left to right: Jordan Whiteside; Bobby Whannel; Matthew Robinson (captain); Callum Smith; Colin Bell; Jamie Russell.

Belhaven Texas Scramble winners, left to right: Jordan Whiteside; Bobby Whannel; Matthew Robinson (captain); Callum Smith; Colin Bell; Jamie Russell.

Galloway Division

Autumn Meeting, Southerness Golf Club, Monday, September 5, followed by AGM:


10.30 – D Moor (S); V Wallace (S). 10.37 – J Watson (S); J Patterson (K). 10.45 – E Ballard (CD); M Clark (Dal); K Howie (S). 10.52 – L Glendinning (S); G Kelly (K); I McLelland (NS).

11.00 – M Dodds (K); D Bedford (NS); G McKechnie (NG). 11.07 – E Wilson (NS); L Colquhoun (GH); J Roff (K). 11.15 – V Shipley (NG); Z Livingstone (S); M Midgely (K). 11.22 – E Rodgers (NG); S Ogilvie (NS); S Semple (K). 11.30 – M Brown (S); A Cloy (NS); M McAlpine (ST). 11.37 – A Wilson (D); F McCall (WC); A Smith (ST). 11.45 – C Brown (WC); Y Gordon (K); J Wilson (ST). 11.52 – M McGarrie (K); J Maitland (NS); K Dickson (D).

Noon: – C Greig (K); A Gardner (D); S Porter (ST). 12.07 – L Cairns (D); N Lammie (ST); S Tipton (WC). 12.15 – M Benson (WC); W Lyon (ST); K Shamash (K).

Late entries/cancellations please phone Jean on 01556 630419.

Wigtownshire County GC

Luce Bay Rosebowl Open Medal, Saturday, September 3


7.45 – B Binns (C); J Nicholson (C); F Grant (C). 7.52 – D Brodie (NS); J Arnott (S); G Baillie (S). 7.59 – W Milby (C); R Scott (Girvan); J Wallace (Girvan).

8.06 – S McDowall (S); I Murdoch (Girvan); J Neilan (Girvan). 8.13 – I D Milby (C); C Milby (C); S Robertson (S). 8.20 – J Kelly (C); And Jackson (C); A Jackson (C). 8.27 – S J Cummings (C); M Tipton (C); S Nash (S). 8.34 – R Burns (S); C Forbes (S). 8.41 – G Watt (S); J Bennett (Vale of Leven). 8.48 – W Connelly (Cardross). 8.55 – J Hamilton (S); T Williams (S); C Cairns (S).

9.02 – R Jackson (C); D Brown (Bellelisle); D Low (Belleisle). 9.09 – S Talbot (S); S Mitchell (Belleisle); P Steven (Belleisle). 9.16 – K Downie (C); N McIntyre (C); J McMonies (C). 9.23 – P Reid (C); COL Dickson (C); D Love (C). 9.30 – I McKenzie (Annanhill); T Crighton (Dalmilling); M Balfour (Dalmilling). 9.37 – G McKenzie (P St Cuth); T McGuire (Dalmilling); T Swan (Dalmilling). 9.44 – W Garrett (C); R Mitchell (C); P Neilson (Colvend). 9.51 – C McWilliam (C); G Waterhouse (C); P Strain (NS). 9.58 – S Rennie (C); J J Patterson (C); J C Agnew (C).

10.05 – I Johnstone (C); D Tierney (Belleisle); I McClymont (NS). 10.12 – A Hoodless (NS); S Forsyth (S); B Jamieson (Brunston Castle). 10.33 – R Smith (C); L Brunton (S); A Glasgow (C). 10.40 – G Scott (NS); B Duffy (C); H Mills. 10.47 – A Coulter (C); S Edwards (S); G Mackay (C).

Noon – Dan Agnew (C); K Johnstone (C); J Patterson (C). 12.39 – T Benson (D&C); J Gray (D&C); W Reading (D&C). 12.46 – D Carruthers (D&C); G Niven (D&C); B McCrae (D&C). 12.53 – L Martin (D&C); B Statham (D&C).

13.00 – R Kerr (S’ness); G McDonald (S’ness).

Late entries tel: 01581 300420.

Portpatrick Dunskey GC

Thea Wilson Trophy August 21

Scratch – Gillian Monteith gross 72 BIH.

Silver – 1, and Thea Wilson Trophy: Helen Common gross 84; 2, and Spoutwell Trophy winner (under 21s): Sara Lee Magee, gross 86 nett 66; 3, Liz Cairns 87-19=68.

Bronze – 1, Elaine Gerrard gross 89 nett 64; 2, Maureen McNay gross 97 nett 69; 3, Gail Brown gross 99 nett 71.

Portpatrick Heartstart Open, August 27

1 and trophy winners: D Garnett and S Hoy 65 nett; 2, T Rae and B Lammie 68 nett; 3, D McNeil and A Copeland 69 nett (BIH); 4, J Caldwell & R Brunton 69 nett.

Scratch – D Armstrong and S Henderson 64 gross.

Wigtown and Bladnoch GC

Belhaven Texas Scramble, August 21

Winners: C Smith, C Bell, J Russell, K Shingleston 58-3.4=54.6; 2, C McCutcheon, G McCutcheon, R McCrorie, H McKissock 61-5=56.0; 3, D McCreadie, B Whannel, A Burnett, J Whiteside 64-6.2=57.8.

R D Watson Putter

August 17

First class – 1, T Graham 76-13=63; 2, C Drysdale 74-10=64.

Second class – 1, D McCreadie 88-22=66; 2, G Campbell 83-14=69.

Gregory Mixed Rosebowl, August 14

Winners: W Neil and L Cairns 87-22.5=64.5; 2, M Hunter and E Hunter 86-20.5=65.5.

Carleton Mixed, August 28

Winners: J Smith and E Hunter 91-17.5=73.5; 2, M Hunter and L Shingleston 93-17.5=75.5.

Allison Motors Gents Open Sunday, September 4


7.30 - S Robertson, G Parker, C Drysdale.

8.15 - K Nicolson, W Robb. 8.30 - R Hutcheson, S Cummimngs.

9.00 – M Robinson, G Heron.

10.00 - P Strain, T Graham. 10.30 - C Smith, W Smith, T Bark.

11.00 - C Fiskin, R Cooksley, K Shingleston. 11.30 - M Hunter, G Cannon.

12.00- T Simpson, N Cluckie.

13.00 - J Smith.

Late entries to 01988 403354/ 01988 403255