Fun dressage competition

A fun competition of dressage to Chrismas music was greatly enjoyed at Calgow Equestrian on Chritmas Eve, with Santa and his elves making a special appearance.

The day was organised by Anne Keith and featured various classes from free-style to regular dressage.


Fancy dress

Juniors - 1, Sara McConnell; 2, Jack McConnell; 3, Zoe McConnell

Adults - 1, Julia Worrall; 2=, Lyndsay McCourtney / Gillan Pearce

Free style dressage to music

Juniors - 1, Jade Stewart and Holly; 2, Zoe McConnell and Niki; 3=, Sara McConnell and Oscar / Jack McConnell and Petra

Adults - 1, Kayleight McCulloch and Macy B; 2, Julia Worrall and Sheba; 3, Sandra Lawrensson and Cally

Walk / Trot Dressage

Juniors - 1, Jack McConnell and Petra; 2, Rowen Allison and Salame; 3=, Sara McConnell and Oscar / Zoe McConnell and Niki

Adults - 1, Gillan Pearce and Ruby; 2, Mel O’Brien and Mia; 3=, Kayleigh McCulloch and Gracie / Sandra Lawrenson and Cally

On Sunday at Calgow there was another round of the regular Winter Dressage League.


Walk / trot - 1, Gillan Pearce and Ruby; 2, Amy Dee Tighe and Buck; 3, Jodie Heuchan and Lucy

Pony Club D level

Children - 1, Keera McCulloch and Strawberry

Adults - 1, Gillian Pearce and Ruby; 2, Jodie Heuchan and Lucy; 3, Amy Dee Tighe and Buck

Pony Club Intro - 1, Emily Singleton and Macy B; 2, Raymond Keenan and Datsie

Prelim 1, Anne Keith and Barney

Next sressage is Sunday, January 31 from 11am.