Fun at pony club camp

Galloway Pony Club members at their summer camp
Galloway Pony Club members at their summer camp

The Galloway Branch of the Pony Club held their annual camp at Terally Bay Riding Centre in early July.

Twenty-four girls slept for four nights on camp beds and blow-up mattresses in the arena building whilst ponies were accommodated in the lovely stables and barn there. The weather was glorious for their five days which were jam packed with flatwork, show jumping, cross country and games. The company was divided into four troops named Terally, Cotland, Calgow and Barstobrick, each with a troop leader and competed for the Craigenholly Inter-troop Cup. This was hotly contested and won in the end by the Terally troop. For riding, campers were put into coloured rides according to ability and age. Off pony-activities included lots of tack cleaning, crafts and even swimming in the sea to cool down as well as the obligatory water fights!

Karyn and Kelpie - most improved at the camp

Karyn and Kelpie - most improved at the camp

Visiting farrier John Paterson kindly checked all pony’s shoes on the first night to make sure all were secure. The next night a horse whisperer had a “chat” with all ponies and their riders which proved to be very interesting for all concerned. The third night involved a visit to The Ryan Centre for a swim and a much needed wash followed by a delicious buffet at the Sun Kai Chinese restaurant in Stranraer.

On The Friday mini camp joined in. Six younger members brought their ponies to Terally for the day. Instructed by Arlene McNabney, they had a busy day riding and learning about stable management as well as seeing what main camp is like for the future. Well done to Emma, Carla, Isla, Ella, Kirsty and Suzannah, hope you all had fun. Susannah Service was voted Most Improved Rider of Mini Camp and Kirsty Fisher received an extra prize for helping throughout the whole of camp.

The final day took the form of an open day to which friends and family were invited. Troops performed a musical ride and competed in a show jumping competition where they vied for the last remaining points. A spread of party food was enjoyed before Wendy Miller Smith, District Commissioner presented prizes for achievements gained throughout camp. It is generally agreed that during camp week members greatly improve their skills at both riding and horse care, this is due to excellent guidance from our instructors during the week, some familiar to Galloway Pony Club and some new.


Craigenholly Inter-Troop Cup= 1st Terally with 1198 pts, 2nd Barstobrick with 1088 pts, 3rd Calgow with 1075 pts & 4th Cotland with 1070 pts.

McClymont Cup – Best Turned Out at Camp = Holly Sproat

Most Improved Riders: Red Ride= Joanne Wallace, Blue Ride = Kerrin McGrane, Green Ride = Isla Forsyth & Purple Ride = Amy Hall. Most improved Rider of Mini Camp = Susannah Service.

Ardwell Mains Cup - Most Improved Pony of camp = Kelpie, belonging to Karyn McMillan

Kirkmaiden Hunter Trails Cup -Besy Pony Club Pony = Sam, belonging to Eilidh Fisher

Craig Darroch Cup - Citizenship = Lucy Fisher

Jill Kirkpatrick received the Arrol Cup which is presented for bravery at Camp.

The competition for decorating the best bunting at camp was won by Barstobrick Troop. The musical Ride competition was won jointly by Purple and Red rides.

Many thanks to Wendy and her committee for all the organising which meant that camp ran smoothly and was a huge success. Also to all Mums, Dads and family who helped, cooked, baked, slept over, swept, hoovered and taxi’d over the week. All help was very much appreciated, this event would not be possible without all your support. Thanks also to the Torrance family and livery customers at Terally for making us so welcome at their yard, it was a glorious setting and hopefully the girls will have some very happy memories of Pony Club Camp 2013.

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