We need a decision now says Stranraer chairman

Stranraer chairman Iain Dougan says the SFA need to make a decision now if League 1 and 2 clubs are going to complete the 2020/21 season.

Thursday, 25th February 2021, 12:34 pm
Stair Park

The 20 clubs from the two divisions are regularly meeting with the governing bodies and are expecting an update on March 1 about completing the current campaign.

All are united in support of fulfilling the full 27 game fixture card, with regular Covid testing, and Dougan says the decision is now with the SFA to find a way of doing that.

"We’re having ongoing meetings with the SFA but it’s all very vague at the moment.

"They're supposed to be the leadership and it's about time they stood up and led.

"It seems to be blame culture at the moment, the SFA blame the government and the government says it's their game to sort out.

"Some clarity would be appreciated, the statements sent out have basically said nothing, words without any content, they'd been as well not bothering.

"All we want is a sense of direction, if the season is going to finish when is it going to finish and if it's going to start up then when and how?”

The Blues chairman confirmed that all clubs were in agreement that the full 27 games must be played if possible and that other possible options being presented have been met with a “lukewarm” reception.

"We all signed up to 27 games, all 20 clubs are still willing to do that and it's up to the SFA to make that possible and if not come back and tell us what is.

"The prospect of an 18 games season with promotion and relegation was met with a lukewarm response as was null & void, playing 18 games with no promotion or relegation would be pointless.

“A more agreeable Plan B was a top and bottom half split and a 22 game season.

“That was more favourably looked on and I do think it would present you with a true champion and a deserving bottom club but the preference is still to play all 27 games.

"The decision must be made very soon. If we were told we had a fortnight to train on March 1 then start back that would be palatable to us and all 20 clubs are still offering to do mandatory Covid testing to make that a possibility.”