Stranraer boss Farrell hits out at extension to league suspension

Stranraer boss Stevie Farrell says the SFA’s decision to extend the lower league suspension is treating clubs with “complete and utter contempt”.

Friday, 12th February 2021, 9:00 am

The initial suspension was due to end this Sunday at midnight with clubs expecting to be allowed to return to training next week, but on Tuesday the SFA announced that it will be extended to March 1 at the earliest.

Farrell has slammed the “shameful” decision which he says has been relayed to clubs with zero explanation.

“I don’t think there’s any rhyme nor reason, nor rationale behind it,” he says, “that’s my issue.

“Any business – and people forget that football clubs are businesses – will predicate any decision based on fact and evidence and we haven’t been issued with that at any time.

“Firstly, to support the reason to suspend, and secondly the latest decision to extend that suspension.

“There has been no scientific or medical evidence in relation to Covid-19 furnished to League One and League Two clubs that evidentially supports that they have contributed to the spread of the virus.

“It’s OK making decisions, but what are these decisions based on?”

The Blues’ boss admits he was taken aback by the extension as he was convinced that he would have his players back in training on Monday.

"The managers in League One and League Two were the last to know,” he says.

"We’re the ones that have to liaise with our players and keep them informed and we don’t know anything. No one keeps us informed.

“We were picking up intel that we wold be back in training next week, so I don’t know where go from here now.

Farrell says he has real concerns that the league campaign will now not be completed.

"I don’t see a 27-game league season continuing now. I genuinely don’t think there is any way that it can continue.

“That means there will be an amendment which will have a fundamental impact on clubs individually, and I don’t see 20 clubs standing together in solidarity like we did two or three weeks ago.

“What I see, if we’re not very careful, is a repeat of last year’s absolute shambles.”