Fixtures for the new football season

Southern Counties Challenge Cup First Round: Wigtown and Bladnoch v Creetown; Newton Stewart v Heston Rovers; Lochar Thistle v Queen of the South; Stranraer v Threave Rovers; Mid Annandale v Crichton; Abbey Vale v Nithsdale Wanderers; Fleet Star v Annan Athletic; Dalbeattie Star v St Cuthbert Wanderers.

South of Scotland League Cup First Round: Fleet Star v Heston Rovers; Crichton v Newton Stewart; Creetown v Wigtown and Bladnoch. Byes - Abbey Vale, Lochar Thistle, Mid Annandale, Nithsdale Wanderers and St Cuthbert Wanderers.

Cree Lodge Cup First Round: Fleet Star v Wigtown and Bladnoch; Newton Stewart v Mid Annandale; St Cuthbert Wanderers v Lochar Thistle; Heston Rovers v Nithsdale Wanderers. Byes - Abbey Vale, Creetown and Crichton.

Potts Cup First Round: Creetown v Heston Rovers; Mid Annandale v St Cuthbert Wanderers; Lochar Thistle v Threave Rovers; Newton Stewart v Abbey Vale; Fleet Star v Dalbeattie Star. Byes - Crichton, Wigotwn & bladnoch and Nithsdale Wanderers.