Festive fun for carriage drivers

Carriage Drivers from British Driving Society Dumfries & Galloway and West of Scotland areas enjoyed a Christmas Fun Day at Barstobrick. Both arenas were donned in Christmas tinsel and balloons which were part of skills courses built by Jean Clarkson. See www.gallowaygazette.com for full results.

This event doesn’t include carriages all the handlers long rein the ponies through various obstacles, in all we had 30 ponies and handlers taking part, junior and senior classes. This event is becoming more popular and brings new people out to have a go, it is an ideal opportunity for members to bring out their young/novice ponies in company for the first time.


Long Reining Senior

1st Graham Findlater

2nd Olive Lynn

3rd Iain McKendrick

4th Charlotte Young

5th Aileen MacDonald

6th Jodie Standring

Long Reining Junior

1st Matthew Powell

2nd Harry Redwood

3rd Aine Vance

4th Sianna Dove

5th Milly McClymont

6th Skye Findlater

Fancy Dress Junior

1st Lucy McClymont

2nd Harry Greenwood

3rd Milly McClymont

4th Sianna Dove

5th Jessica Hunter-Brown

6th Aine Vance

Fancy Dress Senior

1st Iain McKendrick

2nd Hugh Gillan

3rd Dru Hatcher

4th Olive Lynn

5th Pam Johnstone

6th Charlotte Young

Kendall Young, Junior co-ordinator for British Driving Society Scotland also made a presentation to Scotland’s Junior Award Scheme winners and runners up. The award’s scheme works on points gained from driving events attended throughout the season. Point’s cards for juniors can be obtained from BDS Area Commissioners.

Over 10 years section.

Winner- Mhairi Hume, West of Scotland

Runner-up- Aine Vance, Dumfries & Galloway

10 and under section.

Winner-Lucy McClymont, Dumfries &Galloway

Runners-up- Matthew Powell, Sianna Dove, Skye Findlater, Lexie Donaldson and Ryan Powell, all Dumfries & Galloway.