Entertaining nights of Calgow showjumping

The summer showjumping league at Calgow Equestrian Centre near Newton Stewart has only two more Tuesday nights to go, so the competition for points and trophies is getting interesting.

Thursday, 16th August 2018, 12:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th August 2018, 1:03 pm
Rihanna is junior fancy dress winner at Calgow Equestian showjumping

This week there was an excellent turn out for all the classes and plenty of good performances on display.

Meanwhile, there was an outstanding ‘Chase me Charlie’ finale to the Jai Jolly Fun Night on August 7.

Arlene McNabney and Eringal Dancer cleared a massive one metre 50 centimetres to win the challenge, having been pushed all the way by Caitlin Jolly and Evie who bowed out at 1.45.

Martha Cannon won the X-poles lean rein on Apple Calgow Equestrian summer show

The fun in the late summer sun began with runner and dog races.

It then continued with show jumping, an accumulator round, pairs, speed classes and prizes for the best fancy dress turn-out.

The Jai Jolly Trophy, for the 85cm speed class, was won by Meganne Jolly and Simba with a time of 44.14sec.

These results were not part of the Show Jumping league but here are the results from both nights.

Sophie Barclay is leading in the X-poles junior class and was also the Calgow Riding School Dressage League winner.

August 14:

X-poles lead rein – 1, Talia Ferguson and Earnie. 
X-poles assisted (juniors) – 1, Rihanna Dodds and Sunny; 2, Aviah McClymont and Dice. 
X-poles (juniors) – 1, Sophie Barclay and Mia; 2, Katie McClymont and Sunny. 
X-poles (seniors) – 1, Erica Thompson and Blossom; 2,Jill Widdop and Flicka 
40cm lead rein - 1, Talia Ferguson and Earnie. 
40cm assisted (juniors) – 1, Rihanna Dodds and Sunny; 2, Aviah McClymont and Dice. 
40cm (juniors) – 1, Keera McClymont and Strawberry Shortcake; 2, Molly Bodle and Lizzie; 3, Aliyah Aubad and Lucy. 
40cm (seniors) – 1,Ruth Robertson and Blue; 2, Sally Baxter and Cora; 3, Erica Thompson and Blossom.

50/60cm (juniors) – 1, Keera McClymont and Strawberry; 2,Kirsty Fisher and Seaton; 3, Molly Bodle and Lizzie.
50/60cm (seniors) – 1, Robert Lindsay and Alfi; 2, Nicola Simpson and Charmer; 3, Jessica McMasters and Flicka 
70cm (juniors) – 1, Kirsty Fisher and Seaton; 2, Aliyah Aubad and Lizzie
70cm (seniors) – 1, Erin Thompson and Damian; 2, Nicola Simpson and Charmer; 3=, Robert Lindsay and Alfi / Shirley Panter and Jackson.
80cm (juniors) – 1, Rowen Allison and Blue 80cm (seniors) – 1, Joy Kendall and Molly; 2, Hannah Burns and Jazz; 3, Shirley Panter and Jackson 
90cm (seniors) – 1, Joy Kendall and Molly; 2, Lorna Wilson and Sylvana; 2, Hannah Burns and Jazz.
 1.00 (seniors) – 1, Joy Kendall and Molly; 2, Quinn Jolly and Blue; 3, Lorna Wilson and Sylvana

August 7 Results:

Runner and dog – 1, Caitlyn and Daisy; 2, Erin and Ness; 3, Keera and Lily

X-poles lead-rein (juniors) – 1, Martha Cannon ad Apple
X-poles assisted (juniors) – 1, Aivah McClymont and Dice; 2, Rhianna Dodds and Sunny; 3, Cara Jamison and Ria 
X-poles (seniors) – 1, Erica Thompson and Blossom
40cm speed (juniors) – 1,Molly Bodle and Lizzy

40cm speed assisted (juniors) – 1, Aliyah Aubad and Lucy; 2, Cara Jamieson and Ria

Pairs -one on foot, one on horseback (juniors) – 1, Keera and Strawberry / Caitlyn; 2, Lorna and Mac. Hazel; 3, Caitlyn and Connie/ Keera

Pairs (seniors) – 1, Robert and Alfi / Caitlyn; 2, Erica and Blossom / Sophie

60cm speed (juniors) – 1, Lorna Cannon and Mac; 2, Erin Jamieson and Paris; 3, Aliyah Aubad and Lucy

60cm speed (seniors) – 1, Arlene McNabney and Connie; 2, Robert Lindsay and Alfi; 3, Sally Baxter and Cora

75cm (seniors) – 1, Arlene McNabney and Connie; 2, Sophie Everett and Belle; 3, Robert Lindsay and Alfi

Jai Jolly Trophy 85cm speed – 1, Meganne Jolly and Simba; 2, Caitlin Jolly and Evie; 3, Joy Kendall and Molly

Accumulator (juniors) – 1, Erin Jamieson and Paris 280; 2, Lorna Cannon and Mac 230; 3, Keera

McClymont and Strawberry 220

Accumulator (seniors) – 1, Joy Kendall and Molly 820; 2, Caitlin Jolly and Evie 630; 3, Arlene McNabney and Dancer 590

Chase me Charlie junior winner - Erin Jamieson and Paris 1m

Chase me Charlie senior winner - Arlene McNabney and Dancer 1.50m

Fancy dress junior winner – Rihanna Dodds and Sunny

Fancy dress senior winner – Erica Thompson and Blossom