Endurance riders in Penninghame Forest

Endurance riding 1
Endurance riding 1

Scottish Endurance Riding Club

Dumfries Branch

The above branch held a successful endurance ride in Penninghame and Glenrazie Woods recently.

Many thanks to the Forestry Commission at Newton Stewart for the use of these tracks and also for clearing all fallen trees in order for the riders to use the tracks. Also local residents for putting up with the horses and riders around their homes and sharing their walking areas for part of the day.

The winter rides are mainly social and learning affairs and some of the horses and riders were new to the sport at this ride. The objective is to enjoy riding in our beautiful countryside with like-minded people and bring home a horse which is termed fit to continue a further distance. There are many choices of speeds starting at 8kph or 5mph which is reasonably achievable, just keep moving at a smart walk and trot (a canter is quite nice but not always necessary).

Lately we have introduced routes of 8-14kms or 5-8.75 miles for beginners which is also providing popular for folk winding down or not so fit to ride longer routes. This ride had a confined DG8 and DG9 residents class with a special prize.

10kms class - Gillian Crosbie with her lovely grey Miakoda.

16kms class - Sheila McConnell with her strong mount Knockandys Fancy Pants.

There was also a new trophy, in a Galloway Challenge competition which will be contested from three fairly local rides, Pennighame being the first one. The next one will be in Fleet Forest in May and the last in the series at Cally Woods in November.

As always, helpers are necessary to run these rides so thanks goes to Amanda, Jill, Christine, Arran, Bobby, Liz, Jillian, Lorna, Fiona, Moira and John who did timing, vetting, writing, GP’s, marking and unmarking the course. No event can run without competent workers.


22 km

Rae Turner and Bowerwood Aquashan, speed - 8.74kph, heart rate - 46.

Diane Warren and Trick or Treat, 8.74kpm, 46.

Sheila Watson and Cricket, 10.73kph, 48.

Tracey Johnstone and Zig Zag Shah, retired.


Liz Foulds and Jenny Wren, 8.97kph, 46.

Sheila McConnell and Knockandys Fancy Pants, 8.97kph, 48.

Kirsten Miller and Crystal Cheyenne, 10.55kph, 52.

Rosemary Matthew and Crioch Khamin, 10.55kph, 44.

Annie Walker and Carn of Carrick, 8.65kph, 52.

Mary Stockdale and Cumbrian Khafifa, 10.32kph, 38.

Anne Short and AH Bellynda, 10.32kph, 50.


Jillian Crosbie and Miakoda, 9.84kph, 48.

Diane Allison and Roundhills Robin Hood, retired.

Lynda Rigg and Roc Trecdudon, retired.