End of season showdown for MRC riders

Machars Riding Club finished the 2015 league show jumping last Saturday. The weather conditions were perfect and it was lovely to see so many people sitting having their picnics.

The final event saw many lead rein combinations come forward. It was a good day for the McConnell sisters with both Sara and Zoe taking home first rosettes in the Lead Rein and Wibbly Wobbly classes.

Ruby McCornick and her pony Scooby jumped fantastically well in both the 50cm and 60cm classes which resulted in two red rosettes for this combination.

Lucy Gaw and Sam have had a very successful season and on this occasion they won the 70cm class.

The fastest time of the day was to come in the 80cm class. Carla Campbell and Brady secured top spot with a super speedy jump off in a time of 25.68 secs, they also went on to win the 90cm.

Not to be out done by little sister, Iona Campbell came forward in the 1m and 1.10m and managed to secure her two red rosettes.

As the afternoon progressed it was time for the horses to make a final appearance for 2015.

The 70cm class saw two combinations come forward and on this occasion it was Bethany Brigg and Rockstar who took home the winning ribbon.

Many competitors came forward to compete in the very strong 80 and 90cm classes with Leona Wallace and her mare Saffy taking lead in both of these.

In the 1m class it was the turn of Kelly Telfer and Chance to take top spot.

The final horse class of the day which see the jumps standing at 1.1m was won by Heather Vance and Miami Boy Cruiser.

Pony Results

Lead Rein

1st Sara McConnell - Nicky, 2nd Phoebe Gaw –Donut, 3rd Marion Goad- Prince Charming, 4th Megan McIlwraith –Sparky and 5th Charlotte Gaw – Donut

Wibbly Wobbly

1st Zoe McConnell –Nicky, 2nd Edith Goad – Prince Charming, 3rd Phoebe Gaw –Donut, 4th Lilian Goad-Prince Charming and 5th Charlotte Gaw –Donut


1st Ruby McCornick- Scooby, 2nd Ella Wallace – Perdy,3rd Darcie Spencer- Elvis and 4th Carla Campbell – Abbie


1st Ruby McCornick- Scooby, 2nd Darcie Spencer – Elvis, 3rd Carla Campbell- Abbie and 4th Ella Wallace –Perdy


1st Lucy Gaw- Sam, 2nd Emma McCornick- Blue, 3rd Rhona Baillie- Dancer and 4th Darcie Spencer- Elvis


1st Carla Campbell-Brady, 2nd Rhona Baillie- Dancer, 3rd Lucy Gaw- Sam, 4th Emma McCornick- Blue and 5th Isla Campbell- Maginty


1st Carla Campbell- Brady, 2nd Caitlin Jolly- Bobby and 3rd Isla Campbell Maginty


1st Iona Campbell- Murphy, 2nd Quinn Jolly- Blue and 3rd Caitlin Jolly- Bobby


1st Iona Campbell- Murphy and 2nd Quinn Jolly- Blue

Horse Results


1st Bethany Brigg- Rockstar and 2nd Nadine Scott- Echo


1st Leona Wallace- Saffy, 2nd Carla Campbell- Gus, 3rd Donald Beaton – Celtic Storm, 4th Liz Gay- Hotshot, 5th Nadine Scott- Echo and 6th Bethany Brigg- Rockstar


1st Leona Wallace – Saffy, 2nd Heather Vance- Miami Boy Cruiser, 3rd Donald Beaton- Celtic Storm, 4th Liz Gay- Hotshot, 5th Carla Campbell- Gus and 6th Kelly Telfer- Chance


1st Kelly Telfer- Chance and 2nd Heather Vance- Miami Boy Cruiser


1st Heather Vance- Miami Boy Cruiser