Dumfries Ice Bowl hosts international synchronised skating competition

This weekend, Dumfries Ice Bowl will host Trophy D’Ecosse 2015, a three day international synchronised skating event finishes today Sunday, 8th February 2015.

Teams from Canada and Turkey have travelled to Dumfries for the competition where they will compete against teams from across the UK, including local team Solway Skating Club. The Solway Stars were recently crowned British Champions at the British Synchronised Skating Championships in January 2015.

The Trophy D’Ecosse ISU and Club International Synchro Competition, which is in its fourth year, is organised by the National Ice Skating Association (NISA) and Sk8 Scotland.

Trophy D’Ecosse Event Director, Judy Clinton from the National Ice Skating Association (NISA) said: “The Trophy D’Ecosse is a very popular event and it’s always a pleasure to see the crowd support for the UK’s fantastic synchronised skating talent as they compete with teams from across Europe and even further afield.”

Synchronised skating is the fastest growing figure skating discipline. It involves teams of 12-16 skaters, skating in configuration with speed and precision. They perform intricate routines to music with specified elements and step sequences. It is an exciting sport which encourages skaters of all ages and abilities to work together as a team.

Judy added: “The discipline combines the beauty and grace of freestyle skating with the excitement of a team sport. It is fast moving and the cleverly choreographed moves require highly skilled and dedicated athletes. I would encourage skating fans and those looking for something a bit different to come and watch this weekend.”

The skaters will compete across different categories of age and ability from senior to novice, made up of mixed ages.

The recent British Synchronised Skating Championships were successful for many involved in the Trophy D’Ecosse with teams from Inverness, Stirling, Aberdeen, Solihull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Isle of Wight, Bracknell, Hull, Gosport, Slough and Wales going head to head again to compete in this international competition.

Judy said: “All of the teams that competed at the British Championships did really well. It’s exciting because the UK teams have started to compete internationally and this is just the beginning for a rapidly growing sport.”

Synchronised skating is one of the fastest growing winter sports. It is expected to become an Olympic sport and will hopefully be included as a demonstration event at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The event, which is organised by Sk8 Scotland and the National ice Skating Association (NISA) is free to spectators.

For more information on ice skating in the UK, go to www.iceskating.org.uk. Or www.trophydecosse.co.uk.