Dressage season opens

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The first Calgow equestrian dressage competition of the season took place on Friday, April 12.

Pam Taylor came and judged. Finn, Katie and Keira were joint winners of the lead rein class, and Finn also won the beginners intro class. Karen won the intro class.

The next competition is on Sunday, May 19, when the classes will be: Lead Rein test 2, Intro B, Prelim 18 and Prelim 12. All welcome. See calgowequestrian.co.uk for details of how to enter.

The jumping starts on the first Tuesday in May.

Stranraer and District Riding Club’s Hunt Cross on April 7 had the following results.

Class 1A – Beginner Pony: 1. Poppy Drysdale on Midnight Mist, 2. Becky McKinstry on Disco Inferno, 3. Saskia Brown on Rocky, 4. Jodie Mann on Lizzie, 5. Caitlin McKie on Dapper, 6. Katie Torrance on Sydserff Lorna.

Class 1B – Beginner Horse: 1. Scott Smith on Sailor, 2. Andrea Fitton on Sundance Cherokee III.

Class 2A – Ponies 80 cms: 1. Carolyn Fisher on Lewis, 2. Lucy Bell on Miss Spotless, 3. Abbey Kelly on Kinvara Archi, 4. Molly Paterson on Mockbeggar Piper.

Class 2B – Horses 80 cms: 1. Robyn Bendall on Now or Never, 2. Maureen Rice on Zebedee, 3. Sarah McIntyre on Charmer, 4. Kara Torrance on Meara Lad, 5. Vicki Harris on Skippy, 6. Vicki Harris on Monty.

Class 3A – Ponies 95 cms: 1. Carolyn Fisher on Lewis.

Class 3B – Horses 95 cms: 1. Sarah McIntyre on Charmer, 
2. Robyn Bendall on Now or Never, 3. Leah Kelly on Vandango IV, 4. Andrea Fitton on Blue Shadow.