Dressage at Carty with the MRC

MRC dressage
MRC dressage

Machars Riding Club held their second dressage event of the season at Carty Port Equestrian last Saturday.

The rain showers managed to miss the competitors who were beautifully turned out.

The club would like to thank Pam Taylor for judging, Corol for been scribe and Wilma McDonald for score clerk. Next dressage event will be 19th September details of tests can be found on the club website macharsrc.weebly.com.

All are welcome.


JUNIORS sponsored by Arthur J Gallager


1st Darcie Spencer and Elvis

2nd Finn McMiken and Welshie

3rd Kirsty Fisher and Poppy


1st Rachel Black and Hula Hoop

2nd Finn McMiken and Welshie

3rd Darcie Spencer and Elvis

SENIOR RESULTS sponsored by N F U


1st Mhairi McConnell and Roslin

2nd Heather Vance and Miami George


1st Heather Vance and Miami George

2nd Liz Foulds and Bobby

3rd Mhairi McConnell and Roslin


1st Katie Kirk and Tipperary Triangle