DEHS sports champions

The Douglas Ewart High school has always prided itself on the variety of experiences and opportunities available to its pupils and has always been very proud of all of the pupils’ achievements. This year has been no exception especially within the world of sport.

Friday, 26th June 2015, 2:44 pm
Wednesday 24th June D.E.H.S sports awards Netball S4-S6 Team D&G League winners, winners of Regional Tournament

The school offers a wide range of extra- curricular activities open to all ages and abilities. Many of our hard working pupils have been rewarded with Regional and National recognition and success in a variety of sports.

Details of notable successes listed below;


Wednesday 24th June D.E.H.S sports awards Netball S4-S6 Team D&G League winners, winners of Regional Tournament

2 U16 Scotland players Calum Gaw, Robbie Smith

U18 team 

Brewin Dolphin Glasgow South Bowl Winners

D&G u18 7s winners

undefeated this season

U16 Team

Brewin Dolphin Glasgow South Bowl Winners

D&G u18 7s winners

undefeated this season

Girls Rugby

S1/S2   D&G 7s semi finalists, D&G 10s shied winners

U15 Girls D& G 7s semi finalists, D& G 10s semi finalists

u18 Girls  D& G 7s semi finalists


S1/2 girls runners up in Dr Turners Tournament


S1 - S3 Team D&G League runners up

                3rd in Regional Tournament

S4 - S6 Team D&G League winners

                winners of  Regional Tournament

Cross Country

Girls S4 – S6 Team Regional Champions Isla Forsyth, Lois Campion, Kezia Dale


DEHS Sports Champions 2015

S1 Lucy Gaw

Arran McKie

S2 Kiera-Ann Alexander

Euan Sneddon

S3 Caitlin Jolly

Sam Wallace

D & G Regional Champion ships 2015

LONG JUMP – S2 Euan Sneddon 3rd

S3 Finlay Torbet 3rd

S4-S6 Lewis Dawson 3rd

HIGH JUMP - S1 Reuben Harris 1st

S1 Arran McKie 2nd

S4-S6 Isla Forsyth 2nd


S1 Reuben Harris 3rd


S3 Aiden Smith 3rd


S3 Caitlin Jolly 2nd

S4-S6 Kezia Dale 2nd

S4-S6 Jason McAuley 2nd


S4 – S6 Lewis Dawson 3rd

S4-S6 Isla Forsyth 3rd


S2 Kian Dingwall 2nd

S2 Euan Sneddon 3rd


S1 Arran McKie 1st

S2 William Ferrie 2nd


WIGTOWNSHIRE Championships


GIRLS SINGLES Jennifer Craig winner

Charlie Stewart Runner –up

BOYS SINGLES Fraser Dawson winner

Loughran McCarthy runner –up

GIRLS DOUBLES Jennifer Craig & Charlie Stewart WINNERS

Ellie McTier & Hanna Birse runners - up

BOYS DOUBLES Loughran McCarthy & Kieran Cluckie winners

Fraser Dawson & Robbie Mann runners up

MIXED DOUBLES Fraser Dawson & Jennifer Craig winners

Loughran McCarthy & Hannah Birse runners up


Girls singles Kezia Dale winner

Jennifer Craig runner up

BOYS SINGLES Fraser Dawson winner

Andrew Burnett runner up

GIRLS DOUBLES Jennifer Craig & Charlie Stewart winners

Kezia Dale & Sabina Sobczak runners up

BOYS DOUBLES Andrew Burnett & Callum MacDonald winners

Fraser Dawson & Russell Morton runners up

Mixed Doubles Alistair Birse & Charli Stewart winners

Russell Morton & Kezia Dale runners up

D&G badminton Championships

Under-16 Gold & Silver Medal winners:  


Girls’ Singles      -    Jennifer Craig S3 - Gold        

Girls’ Doubles    -    Hannah Birse & Jennifer Craig S3 - Gold

Boys’ Doubles    -    Russell Morton S4 & Fraser Dawson S3 - Silver     

Mixed Doubles   -    Jennifer Craig S3 & Russell Morton S4 - Gold

Mixed Doubles   -    Charlie Stewart S2 & Fraser Dawson S3 - Silver

Under 14 Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal Winners:

Girls’ Singles      -    Jade Stewart S1 - Silver; Charlie Stewart S2 - Bronze  

Boys’ Singles      -    Fraser Dawson S3 - Bronze

Girls’ Doubles    -    Eleanor Mactier & Charlie Stewart S3 - Gold

Boys’ Doubles    -    Loughran McCarthy S1 & Kieran Cluckie S2 – Bronze


Our under 14’s had a very successful season, Playing 6 league games, winning 5 and scoring 32 goalsand conceding 13 goals. Our top goal scorer was Euan Sneddon who scored 12 goals, Players’ player of the year was Kian Dingwall and Player of the year was our Captain Robbie Murray.

Robbie  Mann, Gareth  Gibson, Loughran McCarthy, Ben Robertson, CameronKelly

Ross Innes, Jack McCulloch, Iain Proudfoot, Arran Thomson, Arran McKie, Jamie Smith, Conor Cluckie, Jack Marshall, Kian Dingwall, Euan Sneddon, Jason Kirk

Jake Service, Conor Firth, Frank Gwynne, Robbie Murray