Scott-Grierson Trophy

WIGTOWN Curling Club came out on top in the battle of the league champions against Castle Kennedy Curling Club for the Scott-Grierson Trophy played last week at Stranraer Ice Rink, but only by the smallest of margins - one shot.

Winners L-R'Helen Smith, Sandy Cronie, Stuart Wlson (Sponsor) Babs McIntyre, Barbara Drennan.

Winners L-R'Helen Smith, Sandy Cronie, Stuart Wlson (Sponsor) Babs McIntyre, Barbara Drennan.

The annual end of season showdown between the winners of the Galloway Province Curling League and the Rhins O’ Gallowa’ Curling League saw three rinks from each club face each other in the decider.

All through the session, all the games were too close to call. One side would perhaps get ahead for and end or two, but only to be caught again by the opposition.

With Jim Cannon’s rink winning by four shots against Hugh Parker and Philip Wilson beating Dick Adams by three shots, Wigtown’s John Cannon’s cool draw for one shot to peel his game against Gail Munro proved crucial in the final outcome.

At the end of the night Rhins President Ian McIntyre congratulated all the curlers on the quality of the play and called upon Dick Adams, the Wigtown President to accept the Scott-Grierson Trophy plus the Auchendoon Trophy as overall winners and the winners of their own league. John Parker, the Castle Kennedy President then accepted the Coulson Trophy for winning the Rhins League on behalf of Castle Kennedy. Both club presidents praised their own players and the opposition for the way they had conducted themselves on the ice. Although no quarter was given all the games were played in the finest traditions of sportsmanship.

After the presentations, Galloway Province President Andrew McConchie thanked Ian for presiding and especially thanked the two secretaries, Janette Sloan and Louise Kerr, for organising the league games throughout the season.

RESULTS: John Cannon, Wigtown 6 Gail Munro, Castle Kennedy 6; Jim Cannon, Wigtown 10 Hugh Parker, Castle Kennedy 6; Dick Adams, Wigtown 5 Philip Wilson, Castle Kennedy 8.

Wigtown 3 points and 21 shots for - Castle Kennedy 3 points and 20 shots for.

Over 60’s Cup

The final of the Over 60s Cup sponsored by the Caledonian Cheese Company was played on the curling rink at the North West Castle Hotel, Stranraer, last Wednesday.

This competition has been sponsored for so many years by the Caledonian Cheese Company that it has now become known as the Cheese competition by Curling Club members. It is now so popular that the maximum entry is always taken up well in advance of the scheduled start date.

This year sixty-four qualifying members in sixteen teams of four per section took part in the round-robin league stage from early February.

Of the four winning teams, one from each section of four, the semi-finals were competed by the rinks of Marie McWilliam, J Norman Brown, Sandy Cronie and Hew Drummond. The winners progressing to the final were Norman Brown and Sandy Cronie.

Runners up L-R'Bob Agnew, J Norman Brown, Moira Yuille, Keith Maughan.

Runners up L-R'Bob Agnew, J Norman Brown, Moira Yuille, Keith Maughan.

The match started off in the favour of the Brown rink which scored one shot at the first end and proceeded to make steals of ones at the next two ends to go into a three nil lead. The Cronie team fought back to score one at the fourth and then steal two more at the fifth end, thus tying (pealing) the game at three all. The large crowd of supporters watching the contest through the lounge windows over the curling rink (and enjoying the largesse of extra strong Caledonian cheddar cheese and biscuits courtesy of sponsor the Caledonian Cheese Company) would be forgiven for believing that they were about to witness a tight game, going down to the wire. This was not to be, however, as at the sixth end Sandy Cronie and his rink scored a huge five shots. With teams of the quality of these, there was no coming back from such a lead and at the seventh end the Cronie rink made it clear that they intended to keep the house clear and after another steal of one by Sandy to make the final score nine shots to three, the Brown team conceded defeat.

At the presentation, Stranraer Ice Rink Curling Club President, Norman R Brown, spoke of the success of the tournament which he felt was down to the generous sponsorship of the Caledonian Cheese Company. For sponsors Caledonian Cheese Company, Stuart Wilson presented the Over 60s Cup and prizes of generous portions of Extra Strong Cheddar Cheese, butter and bottles of wine to the winning rink of Sandy Cronie and also similar prizes to the runners up of Norman Brown’s rink. Stuart also noted his bias in favour of the winners as not only was the winning skip, Sandy Cronie, his uncle, but Sandy’s third, Helen Smith, was the mother of one of Stuart’s work colleagues. Stuart reminisced of how he had been taught curling by his uncle Sandy and his father Peter along with his cousin, Sandy’s son, in the milk parlour on the farm at an early age, using churns for stones. Sandy Cronie for the winners, thanked nephew Stuart for the excellent prizes and continued sponsorship of the Caledonian Cheese Company, he also thanked his team for their exceptional play and Norman Brown and his rink for the great sporting contest. To finish the proceedings, former President, Alan Henry, called a vote of thanks for President Norman Brown for his presentation of the events.

Winners: Sandy Cronie (skip); Helen Smith (third); Babs McIntyre (second); Barbara Drennan (lead).

Runners up: J Norman Brown (skip); Keith Maughan (third); Bob Agnew (second); Moira Yuille (lead).

Merchants Trophy

The final of the Merchants Trophy, sponsored by local Lactalis subsidiary, the Caledonian Cheese Packaging Company, was played on the curling rink at the North West Castle Hotel last Friday.

The two teams had overcome difficult opponents in the semi finals. The Clark rink saw off the Calum Lammie team and Gregor Cannon defeated Scott McColm’s rink. The final saw both teams swap twos at the first two ends. Then the teams scored a single each at the next two ends to peal on three each at the end of the fourth. John Clark stole one at the fifth, then the Cannon rink went into the lead by one with a two on the sixth end. Then the Clark team practically settled it with three at the seventh end. Gregor Cannon had to get at least two shots to peal and force an extra end at the final eighth end, but the Clark men kept the house clear and eventually stole a single to seal a close fought game by eight shots to five.

At the presentation, Stranraer Ice Rink Curling Club president, Norman Brown, praised the teams for their excellent play in the final and presented the Merchants Trophy to the Clark rink along with prizes of glass salad bowls and dishes to the winners and stacking mugs to the runners up. John Clark then thanked sponsors, Caledonian Cheese Packaging Company, for their valuable and much appreciated sponsorship and thanked his team for their superb play throughout the competition which had resulted in the same team winning the Merchants for the third successive year with the same players (never previously achieved) and making it four successes out of the past five years.


Winners: John Clark (skip); Jim Cannon (third); Robert Lammie (second); Frazer Cochran (lead).

Runners up: Gregor Cannon (skip); Bobby Lammie (third); Christine Cannon (second); Jenni Cannon (lead). 

President’s Trophy

Super League winners at Stranraer Ice Rink for 2011 were Forsyth Galloway, John Cannon, David Wilson and Jak Kane. The rink are pictured here receiving the President’s Trophy from Stranraer Ice Rink President Norman Brown and Ian Macpherson from sponsors Macpherson Benson, agents for NFU Mutual.