County Cup Draw

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DRAW for the County Cup, sponsored by Agrovista Ltd, to be played at Stranraer Ice Rink:

Wednesday, January 2, 
12.20pm: Paul Soriani, Glas­serton v D Smith, Loch Connel; John Cannon, Wigtown v M 
McWilliam, Portpatrick; Mal­colm Potter, Penninghame v Leswalt number one. 2.40pm: 
George Milroy, Pen­ninghame v PH Wilson, Castle Kennedy; James Maxwell, Glasserton v A Jamieson, Loch Connel; David Wilson, Kirkmabreck v D Gladstone, Castle Kennedy. Thursday, January 3, 12.20pm: Ivie Fisher, Kirkmabreck v K Adams, Portpatrick; Christine Cannon, Wigtown v Leswalt number two; Graham Adams, Kirkcowan v A Hannah, Stoneykirk. 2.40pm: Louise Kerr, Glasserton v D McColm, Logan; Kerr Fisher, Kirkmabreck v R Stewart, Logan; Andy McClymont, Minnigaff v Limekiln; Dick Adams, Wigtown v L Brown, Stoneykirk.