County bowlers take on Ayrshire South

Wigtownshire Bowling Association travel to play Ayrshire South in the Scottish County Championship on Saturday, May 11, at Newton Park, Ayr.

Players having lunch are to be at the green no later than 1.15pm, and those not having lunch no later than 1.30pm.

The Wigtownshire team is as follows.

Rink 1: D Bark junior, A McLelland, Dek Kiltie, Dave Kiltie junior (skip).

Rink 2: T Handling, J Milligan, J McGuire, A McClurg (skip).

Rink 3: J B Stevenson, R Stevenson, J Penrose, K Cairnie (skip).

Rink 4: L Conlan, A Kyle, A McMillan, A Hainey (skip).

Rink 5: Dave McColm, S Hainey, R Bark, A Broll (skip).

Rink 6: M Baillie, J McColm, J Arnott, A Higgins (skip).

Clubs should note that capitation fees are now due. Also, the Castle Hearing and the WBA Championships entries close on Saturday. The Rhins and Machars league starts on Thursday, May 16.