Closing competition at Wigtown and Bladnoch


The draw for the Closing Cancer Ladies Open Competition, sponsored by Peter Foulds, Opticians, to be played on Sunday, September 11, at Wigtown & Bladnoch Golf Club:

10.30 A Collings (W&B), H McQueen (Kbt)

10.45 C Strain (W&B), C Dodds (Kbt)

11.00 A Joyce (C), E Hunter (W&B)

11.15 J Kirkland (C), M Scully (Mel)

11.30 L Cairns (W&B), C McIntyre (NG)

11.45 C McIntosh (C), H Bark (W&B)

12.00 S Moore (NS), D Gunby (W&B)

12.15 K McWilliam(C), J Edmunds (Str)

12.30 B Niven (Str), L Allan (NS)

12.45 L Kane (Kbt), J Maitland (NS)

13.00 E Thomson (W&B), S Bell (W&B)

13.15 J Cameron (Str), C Cannon (W&B)

Late entries Tel: 01671 403749