Calgow summer underway

The summer show jumping season has started at Calgow Equestrian and all the competitors have been blessed with fantastic weather to get the 2016 season underway.

Show jumping classes will now continue every Tuesday evening throuout the summer months. For more inforation go to the Calgow Equestrian Facebook page.

Results: May 3

X-Poles 1, Kasie Jones and Snoopy; 2, Sarah Jones and Snoopy; 3, Charlie Ball and Snoopy; 4, Cammi McLean and Lewis

40-50cm Jodie Stewart and Blaze; 2, Kathryn Robinson and Swallow; 3, Caitlin Sherry and Sheba


Ponies -1, Atlanta Hill and Beau; 2, Kathryn Robinson and Swallow;

3, Rowen Allison and Salame

Horses - 1, Darcy Spencer and Blue


Ponies - Allanta Hill and Oh-Oh; 2, Rowen Allisonn and Salame; 3, Jodie Stewart and Blaze

Horses - Andrea Fitton and Blue


Ponies - 1, Atlanta Hill and Oh-Oh; 2, Jade Stewart and Holly

Horses - 1=, Kayleigh McCulloch and Bandit / Lorna Wilson and Silvana; 3. Kayleigh McCulloch and Macey Grey

85cm-95cm (Calgow ’small’ open)

Ponies - 1, Quinn Jolly and Blue; 2, jade Stewart and Holly; 3, Caitlin Jolly and Finn

Horses- Charlotte McDowell and Bubblegum

95-1.10m (Calgow ‘big’ open)

Ponies -1, Quinn Jolly and Blue; 2, Caitlin Jolly and Rory; 3, Caitlin Jolly and Finn

Horses - 1, Charlotte mcDowall and Bubblegum