Calgow Equestrian Galloway Pageant Show Jumping special

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There were some new faces at the show jumping special for the pageant on Tuesday night at Calgow.

Despite the drizzle a fun night was had by all!

Dog jumping - 1, Andrea Fitton and Spud; 2, Keera McClymont and Lily; Lorna Cannon and Poppy. X-poles lead rein - 1, Sarah Jones and Snoopy; 2. Kasie Jones and Snoopy; 3, Megan McIlwraith and Earnie. X-poles - 1, Molly Bodle and Earnie; 2, Caitlyn Sherry and Skye; 3, Lexie Parker and Toffee. Search for a Star (non-riders) - 1, Dana Stewart and Mia; 2, Kate Soriani and Tara; 3, Shirley Keenan and Shortcake. Search for a Star (riders) - 1, Kelly Jolly and Blue; 2, Carolyn McIlwraith and Blue; 3, Mary Marshall and Molly. X-poles - 60 (accumulator) Juniors - 1, Jodie Stewart and Blaze; 2, Kathryn Robinson and Swallow; 3, Caitlyn Sherry and Skye / Seniors - 1, Lindsay Williams and Miss Fizzy; 2, Mary Marshall and Molly. 65-75cm (speed round) Juniors - 1, Kathryn Robinson and Swallow, Atlanta Hill and Beau; 3, Georgie Barr and Monty / Seniors - 1, Leona Wallace and Gus. Chase-me-Charlie - 1, 2, 3, 80-85cm (speed round) - 1, Julie Pedlay and tarlum Cruz; 2, Donald Smith and Bing; 3, Brady Maxwell and Millie. 80cm and upwards challenge - 1, Brady Maxwell and Millie; 2, Donald Smith and Bing.