Calgow dressage results

The dressage results from Sunday’s competition at Calgow Equestrian Centre are as follows.

Calgow Walk Trot

Children; Emma on Pixie 1st; Molly on Earnie 2nd; Chiara on Ruby 3rd; Beth on Sunny 4Th

Adults; Gillian on Ruby 1st

Calgow Walk Trot Canter; Children; Britney on OH OH 1st; Emily on Mae 2nd

Adults; Amy Dee Tighe on Buck 1st; Gillian Pearce on Ruby 2nd

Intro A test; Children; Emily 1st; Megan 2nd; Caitlyn 3rd

Adults; Amy on Buck 1st; Sandra on Cally 2nd; Julia on Sheba 3rd

Intro to Canter Pony Club; Children; Keira on Strawberry 1st

Adults; Julia on Sheba 1st; Raymond on Datsie wind; Sally on Pie 3rd

Prelim Test; Anne Keith 1st; Andrew 2nd

Next and last dressage of the winter season is on 27th March.