Busy night at Calgow show jumping

It was a very busy night last Tuesday at Calgow Equestrain for the weekly showjumping competition. With no jumping for two weeks due to Wigtown Show and the inclement summer weather, riders, horses and ponies were keen to get their eye back in over the jumps. There was a scecial speed class over the 80cm jumps for the Jai Jolly Memorial Trophy which was wom by his sister Caitlin Jolly.

Thursday, 13th August 2015, 6:16 am
First in the 70cm class Emily Singleton on Lizzie

There were the usual combinations enjoying the fine evening and tackling the course as well as young Lucy Ramsay from France who was on holiday in the area visiting family in Glenluce and decided to come along to compete. Well done Lucy - and Lucy her mount too!


X poles

Lead rein - 1, Sarah Jones and snoopy; 2, Kasie Jones and Snoopy

Non lead rein

Ponies - 1, Sarah Jones and Snoopy

Horses - SP, Jodie Hughan and Lucy


Ponies - 1, Finlay Anderson and Earnie

Horses - 1, Louise Kerr and Tara; 2, Hannah Burns and Soli; 3, Raymond Keenan and Datsie


Ponies -1, Caitlin Jolly and Smokey; 2, Jodie Stewart and Prince; 3, Logan Anderson and Sunny

Horses - 1, Hannah Burns and Soli; 2, Lyndsay McCourtney and Ace; 3, Louise Kerr and Tara

60cm (sponsored by McClymont Electricals)

Ponies - 1, Jodie Stewart and Prince; 2, Rowen Allison and Salame; 3, Tammy Campbell and Blue

Horses - 1, Lyndsay McCourtney and Ace; 2, Kayleigh McCulloch on Holly

70cm (Looney Tunes combined speed class) -1, Emily Singleton and Lizzy; 2, Atlanta Hill and Beau; 3, Caitlin Jolly and Smokey

80cm combined for the Jai Jolly Trophy - winner - Caitlin Jolly and Bobby


Ponies - 1, Caitlin Jolly and Bobby; 2, Atlanta Hill and Beau

Horses - 1, Emily Singleton and Lizzy; 2, Jill Kirkpatrick and Flyn; 3, Meganne Jolly and Charlie


Ponies -1, Iona Campbell and Murphy; 2, Izzie Miller-Smith and Emma-Lee; 3, Carla Campbell and Brady

Horses - 1, Charlotte McDowall and Bubblegum; 2, Mollie Miller-Smith and Caspar; 3, Jennifer Anne McWilliam and Geoff


Ponies -1, Quinn Jolly and Out of the Blue; 2, Caitlin Jolly and Finn; 3, Izzy Miller-Smith and Emma-Lee

Horses - 1, Jennifer-Anne McWilliam and Windsor; 2, Harry Rodgers and Twingo; 3, Charlotte McDowall and Bubblegum

1m 10

Ponies -1, Caitlin Jolly and Finn