Breavehearts boxing

Coach Tom Jolly, Sam Mactier, Graeme Service, Daniel Purves, Macauley Old, Connal McDonald and coach Wullie Martin.
Coach Tom Jolly, Sam Mactier, Graeme Service, Daniel Purves, Macauley Old, Connal McDonald and coach Wullie Martin.

members of Whithorn Bravehearts Boxing Club travelled to the NEC in Birmingham last weekend to compete in the body power expo boxing event.

This was attended over the weekend by over 10,000 spectators with demonstrations from all major sporting disciplines. The boxing area was sponsored by Hatton promotions and both Ricky Hatton and his brother Matthew attend the boxing show and wished the Bravehearts Club well.

First in the boxing ring was welter weight Daniel “The Guns” Purves. Against Brendan Shale from Tamworth ABC, Daniel, from the first bell till the last, worked tirelessly throwing powerful combinations that Shale found difficult to withstand. It was only due to the crafty footwork of the Tamworth lad did he manage to hold on till the final bell. The winning majority decision was given to Purves.

Desperate to get his next bout for the Bravehearts was lightweight boxer Sam “Boghouse Bomber” Mactier who has been training hard after his decisive home win back in February where he collected his first best boxer award. Both his coaches are impressed with Sam’s commitment and dedication to his sport. His opponent was J Lee from Studio ABC Birmingham, who came out of his corner firing fast combinations of punches at young Mactier who took them on his arms while floating round the ring like a panthe circling his pray. Thirty seconds into the bout Mactier opened up and showed fantastic power and hand speed that the crowd were all on there feet in awe with his style and ability. In the second and third rounds he focused on body shots and fast jabs that the studio boxer did well to withstand. Mactier was give a unanimous win from all the judges and at the end of the show was awarded best boxer of the event which was a great achievement when there were English and Scottish champions all competing that day.

Connal “The Magic Man“ McDonald, Bravehearts middleweight boxer, was in to the ring next against current English gold medallist Ryan Hatton from Tamworth ABC. Connal worked hard during the bout showing the English champion a few of his magic moves, uppercuts and straight rights thrown with his powerful force. Hatton showed great style and determination that caught the judge’s eye as a majority win was give to the Tamworth lad much to the disappointment of the Bravehearts coaches. Connal showed great respect to his opponent and coaches which is a great credit to the young up-and-coming boxer who is now competing a very experienced category.

Straight in to the ring next was Macauley “The Big Mac” Old, boxing Studio ABC lightweight boxer L Conroy who was a solid lad, who weighed in at the top end of the lightweight category. As the bell rang Conroy came from the corner showing no mercy using his powerful hooks to try and flatten “The Big Mac” early on. But Macauley had different ideas and weathered the storm taking all that Conroy could throw at him. The first bell came as a relief to Old but after a few strong words of advice from his coach Tom Jolly in the corner, the next two rounds were all Macauley Old with a great display of counter punches and fitness that nearly resulted in the bout being stopped due the pressure Old was putting on Conroy. Old’s efforts turned the bout in to a unanimous win for the Braveheart boxer.

The last of the Bravehearts was senior featherweight boxer Graeme “The Ghost” Service boxing J O’Donnell from Studio ABC. Service showed great style and ability with fantastic footwork and hand speed that impressed all the spectators with his ability to float round the ring and sting like a bee. But when the final bell rang and a majority decision was given to the English boxer much to the surprise of his coaches.

The trip to the NEC Birmingham was another great excursion over the border with three out of five winners against experienced clubs and boxers, Braveheart coaches are proud of the boxers who all have been training hard in the recent months developing strength and stamina, developing hand speed and combination ability.

New members are welcome to training on Monday and Thursday nights from 7pm till 9pm in the New Town Hall, Whithorn.