Bravehearts hunt for new base

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AS the Braveheart Boxers go from strength to strength winning regional and national titles over the past two seasons they still lack a dedicated training facility.

At the moment the growing club are training in the NewTown Hall in Whithorn but with the help of Bravehearts supporter Sharon Cameron they are hoping to get pubic support to either build of renovate an existing bulding to meet their requirements.

Sharon said: “What the club is hoping to have is a facility that will meet all of the groups requirements, to allow them to train in a fully equipped facility, on a daily basis as most other clubs at their level do.

“We are being open minded, and at this stage do not know if this will be purpose built new accommodation, or a renovation of a premises that could possibly meet our requirements.

“That is why we are conducting a public consultation to determine the support for the club, and get ideas and thoughts for what might be suitable.

“We need to ensure that whatever type of build we go for meets the boxing club’s needs, but also can meet the needs of other sporting groups in the area, therefore are working closely with the local authority to see if they can identify any land or building that might be suitable, and other potential partners.

“We have started our consultation with the wider community by having a display in the Business Association shop window in Whithorn for the rest of this month, having a community support petition circulated throughout the area and having an online survey monkey questionnaire for people to complete.”

The link to the survey monkey is:

“To date we have applied to the Lottery Investing In ideas programme,” continued Sharon, “if successful in this funding we will be able to work up our plans into a realistic and sound business plan, and outline sketches of what we require.

“We hope to hear back from this fund within the next four to five weeks, to allow us to take to the next stage.

“In the meantime we want to get as much community support as possible to demonstrate a need for such a facility – not just for Whithorn, but for all the towns and villages to benefit from.

“The health and wellbeing of our communities is vital, and this facility will promote and support such values.”

Bravehearts coach Tom Jolly said: “The possibility of Bravehearts having a facility where the boxers could train up to seven days a week would a dream come true and allow our boxers to compete at the highest level possible.”