Bravehearts boxing show this weekend

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Braveheart boxers Kian Carnochan and Ryan Fairhurst boxed at 1314 boxing club near Bannockburn last Friday night.

Kian boxed their welterweight champion who from the first bell came out of their corner like a thunderbolt with both fists whirling, urged on by the local crowd,

Kian managed to weather the storm taking most of his punches on his gloves and with slick silky footwork side stepping and countering successfully.

Rounds two and three could be described as the Kian Carnochan show with The Braveheart’s skill and fitness dominating both rounds, Kian was able to hit with both hands using his fast and furious punches to great success. It was a win by split decision to the Braveheart.

Ryan’s was the penultimate bout of the evening against the 1314 club’s local hero and stalwart southpaw boxer Steven Buchanan.

This bout could have taken place in a phone box as both boxers gave their all round after round, trading heavy blow after heavy blow. As with opposing styles the southpaw Buchanan began clashing heads and after numerous warnings two separate points were taken off by the referee for the infringements. As the final bell rang and both boxer were brought together the split decision was awarded to Buchanan much to the Braveheart coaches surprise.

Coach Robin Templeton said afterwards: “Both these bouts were taken at short notice last week, as Bravehearts boxers are aye ready to travel, young Kian’s fitness and hand speed was awesome tonight and he deserved the win.

“Ryan’s bout was great to watch, as the whole hall were on their feet shouting and cheering, shame about the split decision going against him, as from where we were sitting at ringside Ryan looked the cleaner puncher.”

Bravehearts boxing show is this Sunday afternoon, 15 May, at Whithorn town hall. Admission by ticket only call Tom Jolly 07711901089 or details on club Facebook page.