Braveheart’ young guns on fire

Hayden Fairhurst fresh from his debut fight with his first ever trophy.'Picture by Stephen Jolly
Hayden Fairhurst fresh from his debut fight with his first ever trophy.'Picture by Stephen Jolly
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Whithorn Bravehearts travelled to Motherwell last Friday night to compete at the Clelland Boxing Show where young gun Hayden Fairhurst was the star of the show.

The talented six-year-old has been attending the boxing club with his father Ryan for the last two years and has shown great interest in the sport.

Hayden boxed in an exhibition bout against a local boxer from Motherwell, and the two straw weight boxers delighted the crowd, straight from the first bell the two terriers went toe to toe, having to be pulled apart by the referee on various occasions. During the break, coach Wullie Martin instructed the young Braveheart to use his skills and box at distance during the next round and Hayden obliged using his silky footwork and jab to good effect to pick off his opponent. During the third round Hayden was backed into the red corner where he was only too keen to turn and box his way out, forcing the Motherwell boxer back to the centre of the ring. The bell came as great relief to both youngsters and as thisa was an arranged exhibition bout the referee raised both their hands as winners .

Next into the ring was Liam Smith who boxed a skills match against a local Clelland boxer. Young Liam enjoy his bout and said afterwards: “This was a warm up bout for my fight in two weeks against a lad from England at our home show, I fair enjoyed the three rounds against the Clelland boxer as it has allowed me to try different moves and combinations that I have been working at in the gym. I can’t wait to box at our home show.”

Kian Carnochan was the third of Bravehearts’ young team in the ring and he continued the club’s good fortune with an unanimous win against a tough opponent from Glasgow. Kian has been working hard over the last six weeks in preparation for this bout and his fitness and determination helped him win all three rounds. Coach Ryan Fairhurst at ringside commented: “Young Kian boxed fantastic tonight. He used his long reach to score points easily from his jab and his fitness in each of the last quarter of the round allowed him to put pressure on his opponent that impressed all the judges.”

The Bravehearts annual boxing show is on Saturday, June 7 in the DEHS in Newton Stewart, tickets are available in local shops or via the Bravehearts Facebook page or contact Tom Jolly on 0771190189.