Braveheart Kian so close to Scottish title

Kian Carnochan gets the verdict in the semi-final
Kian Carnochan gets the verdict in the semi-final

Whithorn Bravehearts ABC travelled to the Ravenscraig sporting facility at the weekend where two boxers were competing for the intermediate Scottish title in each of their weight classes.

Young James Brawls was narrowly beat in his semi-final by a boxer from East Lothian ABC but Kian Carnochan won his semi-final, beating a Scottish internationalist from Springhill ABC. Kian progressed in to the final on the Sunday, where he narrowly lost in a toe-to-toe battle with a boxer from Dennistoun McNair ABC.

Afterwards, Coach Tom Jolly said: “Both boxers trained hard for their bouts sticking to strick diets to control their weights and attending extra strength and conditioning sessions at the weekends, in preparation, gold medals will come soon for both these boxers.”

The Bravehearts have five boxers competing in the Western District Championship on February 13/14.