Bowls Scotland's district finals held at Stranraer

On Monday night the first half of the Bowls Scotland District Finals were held at West End Bowling Cub in Stranraer.

Friday, 3rd June 2016, 11:55 am

In the Singles, David McColm got off to a great start and by the sixth end was 9-1 up. But by end 12, Donnie McDonald had tied the game at 9-9, they tied again at 14-14 after the 18th end finished. David scored four shots in the next two ends and Donnie followed this with a shot in the 21st end. David won the next two ends to win the game 21-15.

The Fours game unfortunately never really started for Portpatrick as they went 13-2 down to Stranraer after six ends and didn’t manage to pull back the difference.

In the Triples, Kirkcolm got off to a bad start and were 10-1 down after the first five ends. They made a comeback to get back to two down against the Stranraer Triple who then improved their hold on the game by winning the final four ends to make them the outright winners.

The Pairs game was a close fought battle from the seventh end when the West End pair took five shots to tie scores with Newton Stewart at 6-6. From there on the game was an exciting, close fought battle and after the last end, Newton Stewart emerged the eventual winners.

Results: Singles - David McColm (Sandhead); Pairs - Wullie Lochrie, Ivy McCrae (Newton Stewart); Triples - Alex Higgins, Michael Kelly, David Kelly (Stranraer); Fours - Dean McColm, John McColm, Kevin Lindsay, Paul McCutcheon (Stranraer).

The second half of the Finals will be held at Whithorn Bowling Green at 7pm on Friday, June 3.

Secretary Brendan Handing said: “I would like to thank all the bowling greens that allowed me the use of their facilities for the running of this completion. Thanks also goes out to those who helped throughout the competition and to those for keeping me on my toes with their points made and questions.”

The Isle of Whithorn Bowling Club is holding an Open Pairs tournament on June 4 starting at 12.30pm. For late entries phone Kevan on 01988500408 or Alf on 01988500597.

The Sorbie Open Pairs tournament held on Sunday was a great success. A beautiful sunny day saw 16 pairs take part, with Sean Siddle and Hazel Gault beating David Cluckie and Arthur Rennie in the final. Sorbie Green president, Michael McGuinness, said: “It was an excellent tournament played in fantastic weather. I’d like to thank all the Sorbie Green members who helped on the day. A few members worked very hard, and the teas were the usual high standard. Thanks to the members of other local bowling clubs for supporting the event. May I give a special mention to Scot Signs, McNeil Monumentals and Gary Huxtable (Galloway Plumbing Services) for sponsoring this tournament, and for their support.

The WBA played Dumbartonshire in the County Championships at Campsie Bowling Green on Saturday and got involved in a very close match from start to finish. The Wigtownshire team went into the last end one shot up only to lose a two right at the end of the match. Final score Wigtownshire 114 Dumbartonshire 115.

Wigtownshire play Lanarkshire at Sandhead Green on Saturday. The following players report to the green for 1.15pm: Rink 1 - M Lindsay, B Tait, J Arnott, D Arnott (skip) Rink 2- A Lyons, W McMillan, R Stevenson, D McColm (skip) Rink 3 - D Bark Jnr, D Jolly, J Boyce, A Cairnie (skip) Rink 4 - J Milligan, S Dodds, A McLelland, A McMillan (skip) Rink 5 - A Rennie, G Penrose, B Greenhill, M Kelly (skip) Rink 6 - B Wright, D Cannon, Doit Kiltie, A McClurg (skip)

Wigtownshire Bowling League Rhins section

West End 71 shots 8 pts Kirkcolm 54 shots 2 pts; Stranraer (B) 90 shots 8 pts Sandhead 53 shots 2 pts; Drummore 64 shots 8 pts Castle Kennedy 55 shots 2 pts; Portpatrick 40 shots 2 pts Stranraer (R) 78 shots 8 pts.

P S/F S Pts

West End 3 218 161 26

Kirkcolm 3 240 153 22

Stranraer (B) 3 216 194 17

Drummore 3 171 198 12

Stranraer (R) 2 146 115 11

Glenluce 2 119 125 10

Castle K 3 169 192 8

Portpatrick 2 76 186 2

Sandhead 2 53 90 2

Machars section - Newton Stewart 40 shots 3 pts Port William 80 shots 7 pts; Kirkcowan 53 shots 4 pts Wigtown 76 shots 6 pts; Whithorn 77 shots 8 pts Isle of Whithorn 63 shots 2 pts; Garlieston 64 shots 7 pts Kirkinner 46 shots 3 pts.

P S/F S/A Pts

Whithorn 2 163 97 16

Kirkinner 2 128 114 13

Wigtown 2 135 108 12

Port William 1 80 40 7

Garlieston 1 64 46 7

Isle of W 2 118 136 6

Newton S 2 74 166 5

Kirkcowan 2 103 158 4

Prelims WBA singles, to be played on Monday, June 6:

Rhins section: Glenluce green - J Rennie GL v T Toal ST; S Dodds GL v B Wright WE; D McCullum GL v M Lindsay ST. Stranraer green - K Lindsay ST v J Plunket CK; J McColm ST v A Gorman GL; G Reid ST v D McNeillie CK; G Mills ST v C Rennie KC. Kirkcolm green - D Rennie KC v P Thomson PP; W Hanilton KC v A Higgins ST

Sanfhead green - C McDonald SH v D Arnott ST. Castle Kennedy green - A Hanlin CK v C Fletcher ST. West End green - L McCulloch WE v S McGaw KC. Drummore green - E Wright DM v J Henderson CK

Machars section: Whithorn green - J Boyce WH v D Cluckie KK; A Broll snr WH v J Penrose PW; S Kennedy WH v D McDonald GAR; J Milligan WH v Doit Kiltie PW

Isle of Whithorn green - Dek Kiltie IoW v R Hawthorn WH; M Ross IoW v M Gunerseil KC. Port William green - J McClurg PW v G McLean WH. Wigtown green - D Bark WT v A Lyons WH

Prelims WBA triples, to be played on Wednesday, June 8:

Rhins section: Stranraer green - M Arnott ST v D McColm SH; A Higgins ST v B Greenhill KC; S Anderson ST v W Hamilton KC. West End green - L McCulloch WE v C Reid ST. Sandhead green - J Kennan SH v S Dodds GL

Prelims WBA fours, to be played on Wednesday, June 8:

Machars section: Isle of Whithorn green - K McGuire IoW v D Bark Jnr WT. Whithorn green - R Kennedy WH v A Rennie KK. Newton Stewart green - W Dorans NS v P Turner GAR.