Bowls Scotland finals

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Last Friday night, June 3, the second half of the Bowls Scotland Finals were held at Whithorn Bowling Club.

The weather on the night was ideal and there were an abundance of supporters there to encourage their team mates on the green.

The Junior Singles game between Port William and Stranraer ‘A’ was a close fought game from the start with Greame Penrose leading 4-1, in the fourth end. After winning four shots to tie the game, Callum Reid pulled away to lead 10-5 in the ninth end. Graeme came back by scoring eight shots in the next three ends to take the lead. Callum tied the game in the 14th end, but he lost shots shots over the next two ends and only managed to score one shot himself when he was 19-13 down. Greame won the game by taking two shots in the 18th end, making the score 21-14.

The Senior Singles final was fought between two Castle Kennedy club mates, David McNeillie and Alex Hanlin. The match, on paper promised to be a close one and we weren’t disappointed. David got off to a good start and by the ninth end, he was 12-5 up on Alex. By the 16th end Alex had pulled it back to tie the game at 13-13. David pulled away again and by the 21st end, he had his nose in front with the score at 19-15. Alex came back to 20-18 down, but the damage had been done and David scored the next end to win 21-18.

In the match between Sandhead and Wigtown for this years Mixed Pairs title, Wigtown came out on top. Wigtown got off to a good start and lead 6-1 in the fifth end. Sandhead had a fortunate strike and made two shots after having five shots lying against them, which made the score line 6-3 instead of 11-1. Sandhead also scored the next two ends gaining another four shots, giving them the lead at 7-6 in the eigth. In the next seven ends Wigtown scored seven shots to Sandheads two, making the score 13-9 with two ends left to play. Sandhead had an opportunity in the 15th end to get four or five shots, but Wigtown’s second shot bowl which was lying tight against Sandhead’s first shot, denied them more shots. In fact, Sandhead tried to remove both bowls but only managed to lose their own bowl and the Wigtown bowl stayed in the head for the shot. Although Wigtown never scored again in the last two ends, Sandhead failed to get enough shots to win the game with the final score being 13-11 to Wigtown.

The Senior Fours game was between Stranraer ‘A’, with John McColm looking for the double having won the Fours game on Monday night. Their opponents were last year’s winners West End, with an unchanged team from last year. By the eigth end West End were 6-3 up, but lost the next four ends to make the score in the 12th end 13-6. West end scored four shots in the last three ends, but this didn’t manage to make up for the five shots they lost in the 11th end and the final score was 13-10 to Stranraer ‘A’.

The list of Winners are;

Junior Singles - Greame Penrose (Portwilliam)

Senior Singles - David McNeillie (Castle Kennedy)

Mixed Pairs - Robert Bark, Ruth Saunders (Wigtown)

Senior Fours - John McColm, Livvy Bell, William Forrest and Ian McColm (Stranraer)

Competition secretary Brendan Handling said: “I’d also like to congratulate John McColm for managing to qualify in the Fours and the Senior Fours competitions. I would like to wish all the players taking part, from all the clubs, all the very best at the finals at Northfield, Ayr in July.”

Wigtownshire Bowling Association

The WBA County team played Lanarkshire South , the 2015 chamions, at sandhead green lat Saturday and right from the start the champions took control of the match and at the halfway stage were 14 shots in front and duly went on to win the match by 137 shots to WBA’s 89.

Wigtownshire now play Stewartry on Saturday at Stranraer green. The following players report to the green for 1.15pm.

Rink 1 - M Lindsay, B Tait, J Arnott, D Arnott (skip) Rink 2- S McGaw, W McMillan, R Stevenson, D McColm (skip) Rink 3 - D Bark Jnr, B Wright, J Boyce, J Penrose (skip) Rink 4 - J Milligan, S Dodds, A McLelland, A McMillan (skip) Rink 5 - A Rennie, G Penrose, B Greenhill, M Kelly (skip) Rink 6 - D Cannon, Doit Kiltie, A McClurg, A Higgins (skip).

Bus to renfrewshire on saturday, June 18. Anyone wishing to travel

give names to WBA secretary by Saturday June 11.

Wigtownshire Bowling League

Rhins results

Portpatrick 67 shots 8 pts Castle Kennedy 52 shots 2 pts; Stranraer ‘B’ 57 shots 4 pts Glenluce 60 shots 6 pts; Sandhead 88 shots 8 pts Drummore 48 shots 2 pts; West End 69 shots 8 pts Stranaer ‘R’ 50 shots 2 pts.

P S/F S Pts

West End 4 287 211 34

Kirkcolm 4 240 153 22

Stranraer (B) 4 273 254 21

Glenluce 3 179 182 16

Drummore 4 219 286 14

Stranraer (R) 3 196 184 13

Sandhead 2 141 138 10

Castle K 4 221 259 10

Portpatrick 3 143 238 10

Machars section - Kirkcowan 48 shots 2 pts Port Willaim 90 shots 8 pts; Isle of Whithorn 68 shots 9 pts Kirkinner 46 shots 1 pt; Newton Stewart 56 shots 2 pts Wigtown 76 shots 8 pts; Garlieston 74 shots 10 pts Whithorn 51 shots 0 pts.

Wigtown 3 211 164 20

Garlieston 2 138 97 17

Whithorn 3 214 131 16

Port William 2 170 88 15

Isle of Whithorn 3 186 182 15

Kirkinner 3 174 182 14

Newton Stewart 3 130 242 7

Kirkcowan 3 151 248 6

WBA pairs prelims to be played on Monday, June 13:

Machars section

Wigtown green - D Bark Jnr WT v R Hawthorn WH; R Bark WT v G Williams GL

Whithorn green - J Lyons WH v A McMillan PW; J Milligan WH v W Dorans NS

IsLe of Whithorn green - S Maguire IoW v A Broll Snr WH; K Maguire IoW v A McDonald

Kirkcowan green - D Cannon KC v W Lochrie NS; J Smith KC v Dek Kiltie IoW

Garlieston green - P Turner GL v A McLelland PW; R Turner GL v J Maguire IoW

Port William green - Doit Kiltie PW v S Kennedy WH

Kirkinner green - A Rennie KK v J Rennie KC

Winner back out June 27.

Rhins section

Stranraer green - D Arnott ST V S Dodds GL; A Higgins ST V B McCullum GL; K Lindsay ST v J McKie WE

Glenluce green - J Rennie GL v J Keenan SH; R Laverie GL v S Robbins ST

Portpatrick green - P Thomson PP v J mcColm ST

Castle Kennedy green - B Taylor CK v J Laverie CK

Kirkcolm green - W Hamioton KC v D mcNeillie CK

Sandhead green - J Bauld SH v A Cairnie WE

WEst End green - M McColm WE v C Reid ST

Winners back out June 27.

WAB fours to be played on Wednesday, June 15:

Machars section

Kirkcowan green - J Rennie KC v S Maguire IoW

Whithorn green - R Hawthorn WH v W Lochrie NS; J Lyons WH v D Bark Jnr WT

Garlieston green - L Williams GL v B Harvey KK; A McDonald GL v K Maguire IoW; R Turner GL v Dek Kiltie IoW

Newton Stewart green - W Dorans NS v P Turner GL

All clubs have got draw sheets - anyone wishing to bring a tie forward please do so.

Rhins section

Glenluce green - S Dodds GL v J McKie WE; J McHarrie GL V L McCulloch WE; A McHarrie GL v R Hainey SH

Kirkcolm green - D McGuire KC v C Reid ST

Stranraer green - J McColm ST v B Greenhill KC

Portpatrick green - P Thomson PP v RBaillie SH

West End green - A Hainey WE v A Higgins ST

Castle Kennedy green - A Hainey WE v M Arnott ST

Winners back out - refer to press.