By The Newsroom
Friday, 16th August 2013, 3:46 pm
Andrew Broll Jnr, Robert Hawthorn, Andrew Broll Snr, Jason McGuire (runners up) and Derek Kiltie, Alf McHallum Snr, John Heron, Kevan McGuire (winners)

Glenluce Bowling Club

Draw for the Invitation Rinks to be played on Saturday, August 17:

9.45am – Kelso, Carluke, Kirkcolm, W Bull, Kirkcowan, Sandhead, J Skilling and L Little.

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10.30am – Castle Kennedy, B Handling, Glenluce 2, Newton Stewart, Melrose, Glenluce 3, A Hainey, D Bark(Jnr), Glenluce 4, P Thompson, Wigtownshire Bowling Association and Wigtownshire Under 25’s.

11.15am – A McMillan and Glenluce 1.

Kirkcowan Bowling Club

DRAW for the mixed pairs, sponsored by Holmpark Constuction Ltd, to be played on Sunday 18th:

11.30 - R Rickaby; D Bark Snr; Jen McKie; LE; V Wyllie; K McCulloch; W McWhirter; J Cawthra; M Rudd; LE; A McMillan; M Swan.

12.45 - D Scott; LE; L Agnew; T McGaw; L McKie; H Perks; John McKie; R Bark.

14.00 - H Johnstone; P Paterson; D Cannon; D McNeillie.

Late entries to 07957148485.

Castle Hearing Bowls Championships

SINGLES semi finals to be played Monday, August 19th, 6.30pm:

Stranraer green – D McColm or C Wilson v D Kiltie jnr or A McMillan; A Hanlin CK or K McGuire or R Hawthorn.

Pairs semi finals to be played Wednesday, August 21st, 6.30pm:

West End green – T Hanlin or D McColm v A McDonald or A McMillan.

Stranraer or D E McColm v A Broll or Dav Bark.

Triples semi finals to be played Thursday, August 22nd, 6.30pm:

West End green – P Turner or R Bark v L Bell or B Greenhill.

Stranraer or West End green – Dek Kiltie or K McGuire v M Arnott or A Hainey.

Senior Fours semi finals to be played Friday, August 16th 6.30pm:

Stranraer green – A Hanlin CK v D McNeillie.

Kirkcowan green – D Bark WT v A Dodds NS.

Junior Singles semi final to be played Friday, August 16th, 6.30pm:

Newton Stewart green – M Conlan PW v M Wright WT.

West End green – A Dodds GL v C Bull ST.

WBA Champion of Champions

Sunday, August 25th, on West End Bowling Green

11.00am Section A-B

Section A Section B

No 1 Kirkcowan No 5 Stranraer

No 2 Newton Stewart No 6 Whithorn

No 3 Kirkinner No 7 West End

No 4 Castle Kennedy No 8 Glenluce

11.45am Section C-D

Section C Section D

No 9 Isle of Whithorn No 13 Wigtown

No 10 Drummore No 14 Port William

No 11 Kirkcolm No 15 Garlieston

No 12 Sandhead No 16 Portpatrick

Clubs please note – should last year’s club champion be unable to come forward, the club can forward a player in his place.


Stranraer Bowling Club

The winners of the Stranraer Invitation Rinks were D Kiltie, S Kennedy, A McLelland, L Conlan of Portwilliam. Runners up was G Campbell, G Nelson, J Campbell, R Stevenson of Newton Park, Ayr.

The Beaten semi-finalists were Wigtown and Whithorn.

The club would like to thank the sponsors John Smith of Custom Joinery Service and R McClymont Plumbing, Susan, Margaret, Doreen, Kay, Helen, Fiona and Diana in the kitchen and a big thanks to Marie behind the bar.

Garlieston Bowling Club

The Open Annual Pairs Competition, sponsored by the Maxwell Brothers, was well attended and took place on August 10 in the present beautiful summer weather.

Winners - Sean Siddle with Dan Maxwell; runners-up Bobby Maxwell with Louvain McVitie.

Whithorn Bowling Club

The Chaimberlin Fours was held at Whithorn Bowling Club on Sunday 11. After a closely contested round-robin stage Alf McHallum Snr, Kevan McGuire, John Heron and Derek kiltie from the Isle of Whithorn Club won the final against the home side of Andrew Broll Snr, Robert Hawthorn, Andrew Broll Jnr and Jason McGuire.

President Andrew Broll Snr thanked sponsors Priory Vet Centre and James Hawthorn Joiner and Undertaker also everyone who helped and all competitors.

Wigtownshire Bowling Association

Monreith Cup

The Monreith Cup was played for between the Machars and the Rhins clubs, the Machars clubs came out on top by 244 shots to 179. The highest up club on the Machars side winning the Monreith Cup was the Isle of Whithorn, runner up on the Rhins side was Stranraer.

Stair Cup

The Stair Cup was also played for with the highest up club winning the Stair Cup. After the games were completed, the Wigtown Bowling Club came out on top by one shot, the Garlieston club was runner up.

First Wigtown +26; 2, Garlieston +25; 3, West End +14.

The above trophies will be presented at the WBA finals on August 31st.

Please note club players holding Championship trophies please forward to the WBA secretary by Friday, August 23rd.

WBA Senior Triples League

Final League Positions

Section A

P F A Pts

Stranraer (A) 6 127 58 12

Newton Stewart A 6 112 67 10

Sandhead 6 71 58 8

Wigtown 6 65 82 4

Stranraer 6 61 90 4

Portpatrick (A) 6 74 106 3

Castle Kennedy (B) 6 56 92 1

Section B

Castle Kennedy (A) 6 94 73 8 +21 shots

Stranraer (D) 6 100 82 8 +18 shots

Kirkcolm 6 84 75 8 +9 shots

Portpatrick (B) 6 77 83 6

West End 6 92 96 4

Newton Stewart (B) 6 75 88 4

Stranraer (B) 6 70 107 2

Stranraer (A) will play Castle Kennedy (A) for the Ron Farquhar Senior Triples Shield on Tuesday, August 20th, on West End green at 2.00pm.

Players please note no change will be made to this date except for green conditions.

The above shield and runner up shields will be presented at WBA finals.