Bonnie Galloway on horseback

Endurance Riders near Cally Woods
Endurance Riders near Cally Woods
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Dumfries Branch of Scottish Endurance Riding Club

This Autumn has given us such lovely weather to enjoy riding in great outdoors.

Hopefully the wee saga to follow will inspire many more riders to do just that.

Recently, the Dumfries Branch of Scottish Endurance Riding Club organised a wonderful outing in Cally and Disdow woods thanks to all locals who gave permissions. On having a pony party we need parking for our mounts transport and Cally Palace Hotel came up trumps we had good hard standing and the branch congratulate all who left the parking lot immaculate. Thank you all so much.

We enjoyed the company of riders from Biggar area Lothians Branch Glasgow Branch and great support from Cumbria some Dumfries members who reside there and some EGB members so pleased you could all join us as 23 in total came along.

We check our mounts before and after the ride and the competion is against the clock so satisfying to be able to have a happy, sound and “fit to continue “ mount at end of every ride horse welfare is our highest priority.

This year we introduced a small trophy to horse and rider who could travel to Galloway area, Penninghame Fleet and Cally rides this was won by Diane Warren from Dumfries, runner-up was Mary Stockdale from Lothians so congratulations to both and well done.

If you check our website you will find lots of info and endurance branches would be pleased to hear from you.

We also have more laid back opportunities for the great outdoors riders in Galloway Trail Riders Group .

We don’t even go against the clock as long as you have a good ride your mount is well and sound (again horse welfare and finding as much off road riding as possible our priority) and you don’t get lost and come back to base before dark!

We had two rides this Autumn one similar routes to endurance folk but a bit more choice of distances as some riders health dictates a short ride.

The other was in Fleet forest at Big Water of Fleet Viaduct where 18 riders took part mainly more local but yes some from beyond Dumfries - good to have your company.

All who came from a distance have lots of photos of our great views and scenery so hope they may come back and holiday in our Bonnie Galloway. Not just make for Cairnryan and the ferry .

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