Bobby and Gregor into the knock-out stages at world championships

Scotland team show their togetherness with a team fist bump'Photo credit - WCF /Marissa Tiel
Scotland team show their togetherness with a team fist bump'Photo credit - WCF /Marissa Tiel

The Scottish Junior men secured a play-off spot at the world championships despite losing to Switzerland today in Copenhagen.

The team, which includes Stranraer Ice Rink juniors Bobby Lammie and Gregor Cannon, will play either Canada, USA or Switzerland in the play-offs tomorrow to see who goes for gold, silver and bronze.

Despite losing to Switzerland 10-4 in their eighth round-robin game on Friday morning, the Scots have now sealed a place in the weekend’s Page Play-off line-up. They are joined there by table-toppers USA, Switzerland and Canada, with the final line-up only being decided by the results of Friday evening’s ninth and final round-robin session.

In the game, Switzerland started with last stone advantage and scored one in the first end. The Scots then got on the scoreboard with a single shot in the second end, but Switzerland took a major advantage n the third end when their skip Yannick Schwaller played a promote take-out shot to score four for a 5-1 lead.

The Scots could only take two from the fourth end and then Switzerland also scored two in the fifth end to take a 7-3 lead into the break.

Scottish skip Bruce Mouat was facing two Swiss counters when he was forced to draw his last stone of the sixth end for just one point, to reduce Switzerland’s lead to 7-4. However, a further score of three points by Switzerland in the seventh end was enough to persuade the Scots to concede, with the score at 10-4.