BMX star continues to rise

Kriss Kyle. Pic: rideukbmx
Kriss Kyle. Pic: rideukbmx

Stranraer BMX rider Kriss Kyle continues to storm through the biking field and has already visited Israel, Barcelona and Greece this year.

Currently in Athens, Kriss - who rides and lives at Unit 23 Skate Park at Dumbarton - will leave for the X-Games, a huge competition in Barcelona where he has dreamed of taking part since he was a child, when he watched it on TV and then on DVDs.

The 20-year old has also been invited to the Scottish Bike Show and one of his sponsors, Red Bull, are sending him to Canada and the USA.

Red Bull magazine recently called Kriss “one of the world’s best young riders” and featured him heavily with a story of how his success came about.

Kris’ mum Veronica said: “We as parents are so proud of him for achieving all he has so far in his BMX career.”

Kriss thanks his skatepark’s owner Chris Mailey, who gave him a chance as a rookie and without whom, he has said, he wouldn’t be where he is today.